What is Compass?

COMPASS incorporates High-Impact Learning Practices (HIPs) to help you deepen your knowledge, put it into practice and develop the transferable skills to turn what you love into a fulfilling career.

Through COMPASS, you’ll pursue:

  • Creativity. Think outside the box. Develop clear vision. Solve problems. Be versatile. Take risks.
  • Opportunity. Gain hands-on experience. Learn to communicate. Apply your knowledge. Find your purpose. Get involved.
  • Momentum. Explore your interests. Develop your skills. Grow in confidence. Build your portfolio. Jumpstart your career.
  • Partnerships. Find mentors to guide you. Support your peers. Learn with a team. Become a professional. Gain a global perspective. 

What programs are included in COMPASS?

High-Impact Practices (HIPs) at Augusta University help students apply their knowledge and explore their interests. Along the way, you’ll develop relationships with faculty, staff, administrators, and peers to support your success. Through the following AU programs, students can gain access to HIPs such as first-year seminars, undergraduate research, global learning, service- and community-based learning, and internships.

How does COMPASS shape a student's future?

By graduation, you'll be able to:

  • Apply knowledge and research skills to solve problems from multiple perspectives
  • Embrace risk-taking with confidence and resilience
  • Build effective teams and mentor peers
  • Think originally and creatively
  • Communicate effectively with diverse audiences utilizing multiple media

What does COMPASS offer students?


  • Augusta students cultivate a foundation of knowledge based on diverse perspectives.
  • They think through problems from many different directions.
  • They propose original solutions to twenty-first century problems.
  • They embrace risk and value curiosity and innovation.
  • They recognize that learning continues throughout their lives.


  • Augusta University students build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in their first two years
  • They explore their interests, seeking interdisciplinary connections to diversify their skills.
  • They grow in confidence as they expand their knowledge through professional experiences.
  • They learn their own strengths and communicate them effectively to others.
  • They develop adaptability and professional responsibility, contributing to the common good.


  • Augusta University students get involved in their campuses and communities.
  • They cultivate the ability to communicate with diverse audiences.
  • They apply their knowledge through experiential learning.
  • They find their direction through high-impact learning practices (undergraduate research, study abroad, internships).
  • They learn versatility and resilience through the opportunity to try new things and make mistakes.


  • Augusta University students realize that relationships are key to their success.
  • They recognize the value of collaboration with peers and faculty members.
  • They contribute effectively to teams in hands-on learning experiences.
  • They develop lifelong bonds with faculty, staff, and professional mentors.
  • They extend their connections to build global communities.


Augusta University is your university. Make it your own.