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Give back through service and make a big difference

At Augusta University, we pride ourselves on providing a multitude of opportunities for you to get involved, whether you’re a student or faculty or staff member.

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Volunteer to make a difference

Volunteers are the life blood of nonprofit organizations. They need people like you to show up, work hard, and help them reach their goals. What do you care about? Whatever it is, we can help you find a community group working for the same cause.

And receive scholarships for your efforts

We appreciate everything you do—and have done—for our community. To encourage your continuing efforts, we are proud to share a variety of scholarships that recognize your service related efforts. These awards range in amount, and include a number of other benefits that can help you grow as a person—and as a member of our community. The Augusta University Office of Financial Aid also offers a number of funding opportunities for community service.

Serve Your Community: Political Engagement

When you take the time to become knowledgeable about and active in the political process, you are serving your community—and your country.

In order to keep our nation’s democracy thriving, every one of us needs to stay informed about the issues of the day and the long-term impact of political decisions. We need to make our voices heard when we aren’t pleased with what we see happening in the political arena. We must participate in elections at every level—local, state, and federal.

LeDarius Scott, president of the undergraduate student government association at Augusta University

Political Engagement

Campus resources for political engagement

Augusta University is home to a number of units dedicated to political activism, leadership, and education.

Office of Government Relations

We are a resource for information and access, serving as liaison between Augusta University, the community, and local, state, and federal officials

Student Government Association

Acting as the voice of all students enrolled at Augusta University, the Student Government Associate shall actively work to improve the quality of life for the Student Body, along with the university and community as a whole. Believing in the right of self-governance, all students enrolled at Augusta University shall be a member of the Student Government Association and be entitled the rights, privileges, and protections thereof.

National Model United Nations

The National Model United Nations (NMUN) program is designed to immerse Augusta University students in realistic simulations of the United Nations (UN). Students address global concerns by taking the stance of a specific Member State and participating in negotiations with students from more than 70 countries. Augusta University has participated regularly in the NMUN program since 2011 and has received international recognition for efforts regarding global health, regional conflict, weapons proliferation, security, environmental concerns, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, and economic development

Serve Your Community: Voting Guide

Let your voice be heard

Augusta University is committed to supporting our students’ right to vote. We encourage all students to learn about the issues that impact you and your community and register to vote today to make a difference tomorrow!

In-state voters

Register to vote or check your voter registration in Georgia


Register to vote or check your voter registration in your home state

Election Reminders

Sign up for email and text election reminders. Never miss an election again.

Serve Your Community: Day of Service

Day of Service is a special day each year when the faculty, staff, students and families of Augusta University come together to positively impact our community through meaningful service in partnership with a wide variety of community partners across the CSRA. Thank you for your interest in working to make our community better!

Partner with us in the Community

We need community partners. This volunteer event attracts more than 1000 Augusta University students, faculty, staff, and their families who take on dozens of service projects to make a big difference in our local community. Let us help your organization bring your much-needed projects to life.

Volunteers Needed

Augusta University employees, students and their families and friends are invited to help organizations in our area through volunteer service. Save the Date-Volunteer Registration will open to students, faculty, and staff of Augusta University at the end of August each year. Volunteer opportunities – some of which welcome children – include playing with and walking pets, doing lawn work, painting walls and interacting with veterans. Time of service varies according to activity and venue needs.

Help us make Augusta a better place

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