Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis

The Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis, established in May 2008, was created by the Task Force on Health Professions Education as a result of recommendations from the Task Force's final report (PDF), issued in June 2006. As directed by the report, the Center operates as the central point of responsibility for the University System's efforts surrounding health workforce issues. The creation of the Center further recognizes the significant responsibility of the University System as the primary academic producer of health professionals and therefore its role in addressing health workforce shortages. The core mission of the Center is to assist in aligning the state's education systems and inform policy and law to ensure that Georgia has the health workforce to meet the needs of its citizens. Through collaboration with a variety of partners, the Center will focus on evaluating and addressing the current challenges faced by many of the health professions. Direction for the work of the Center will be provided by the Health Professions Advisory Committee.

2010 Nursing Faculty Conference

The USG Nursing Education Task Force (NETF) presented its 3rd annual Nursing Faculty Conference on September 10, 2010. The conference focused on providing tools and skills to enhance nursing education. The sessions were videoed and can be viewed below.

2010 Conference Podcast

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