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Faculty photo of Dr. Eric Belin de Chantemele

The main goal of our laboratory is to analyze the mechanisms whereby metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes and lipodystrophy, lead to cardiovascular disease. More specifically, we are interested in determining the contribution of leptin, a hormone secreted by the adipose tissue, to vascular disease and hypertension. A major focus of the lab is to understand the sex-specificity of the mechanisms leading to cardiovascular disease in obesity and diabetes and to understand how metabolic disorders abrogate the protective effects of female sex hormones.  All experiments are conducted in close collaboration with physicians and involve an integrative approach consisting of a wide range of physiological, pharmacological and molecular methods, and involving genetically engineered mouse models of disease.

Lab Personnel

Galina AntonovaGalina Antonova
Research Assistant



Simone KennardSimone Kennard
Research Associate



Thiago Bruder do NascimentoThiago Bruder do Nascimento, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow



Jessica FaulknerJessica Faulkner, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow


Reem Atawia, PhD 
Postdoctoral Fellow

Taylor Kress
Graduate Research Assistant

Austin Newman 
Student Assistant

Derrian Wright
Student Assistant