Core Faculty

Vascular Biology Center Core Faculty

photo of David J. Fulton, PhD

David J. Fulton, PhD

  • Director
  • Regents' Professor
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology

(706) 721-6338

Research Focus:
The role of the endothelium and reactive oxygen
and nitrogen
species in cardiovascular disease.


Fulton Lab

photo of Neal L. Weintraub, MD

Neal L. Weintraub, MD

  • Assoc. Director
  • Professor
  • Dept. of Medicine, Cardiology

(706) 721-6164

Research Focus: 
Mechanisms of cardiometabolic disease.


Weintraub Lab

photo of Brian Annex, MD

Brian Annex, MD

  • Chair of Medicine
  • Professor

(706) 721-2941

Research Focus: 
Hypoxia dependent angiogenesis and peripheral
arterial disease.

Dr. Annex is also the J. Harold Harrison, MD, Distinguished University Chair in Vascular Medicine.


Annex Lab

M. Ashraf, PhD

  • Professor
  • Dept. of Medicine

(706) 446-0204

Research Focus:


Ashraf Lab

photo of Eric J. Belin de Chantemèle, DSc

Eric J. Belin de Chantemèle, DSc

  • Assoc. Professor
  • Dept. of Medicine, Cardiology

Research Focus: 
Mechanisms of hypertension in metabolic diseases.


Belin de Chantemèle Lab

photo of Ruth B. Caldwell, PhD

Ruth B. Caldwell, PhD

  • Professor
  • Cell Biology & Anatomy

(706) 721-6145

Research Focus:
The role of neurovascular inflammation in ischemic
retinal diseases.


Caldwell Lab

photo of Gábor Csányi, PhD

Gábor Csányi, PhD

  • Asst. Professor
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology

(706) 721-1437

Research Focus: 
Macrophage biology in atherosclerosis.


Csányi Lab

photo of Tohru Fukai, MD, PhD, FAHA

Tohru Fukai, MD, PhD, FAHA

  • Professor
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology

(706) 721-6380

Research Focus:
Oxidative stress and Copper transporters in vascular
metabolic disease.

Dr. Fukai is the Barbara A. Schnuck Chair in Translational Medicine and Co-Director, Redox Signaling Program.


Fukai Lab

photo of Masuko Ushio-Fukai, PhD, FAHA

Masuko Ushio-Fukai, PhD, FAHA

  • Professor
  • Dept. of Medicine Cardiology

(706) 721-9728

Research Focus: 
ROS (redox) signaling in angiogenesis and ischemic
vascular and metabolic disease.

Dr. Ushio-Fukai is also the Director of the Redox Signaling Program.


Ushio-Fukai Lab

Vijay Ganta, PhD

  • Asst. Professor
photo of Yuqing Huo, MD, PhD

Yuqing Huo, MD, PhD

  • Professor
  • Cell Biology & Anatomy

(706) 721-4414

Research Focus:
Metabolic regulation of vascular cells/leukocytes
in diseases.

Dr. Huo is also the Director of the Vascular Inflammation Program.


Huo Lab

photo of Xiaochun Long, PhD

Xiaochun Long, PhD

  • Assoc. Professor,
  • Vascular Biology Center


Research Focus:
Molecular regulation of vascular smooth muscle


Long Lab

photo of Rudolph Lucas, PhD

Rudolph Lucas, PhD

  • Professor
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology

(706) 721-9470

Research Focus:
Novel therapies for pulmonary edema.


Lucas Lab

photo of Joseph M. Miano, PhD

Joseph M. Miano, PhD

  • Professor,
  • Vascular Biology

(706) 446-0166

Research Focus: 
CRISPR editing in mice and cells to elucidate coding
and noncoding sequence function.

Dr. Miano is the J. Harold Harrison, MD, Distinguished University Chair in Vascular Biology


Miano Lab

photo of Brian Stansfield, MD

Brian Stansfield, MD

  • Assoc. Professor,
  • Pediatrics

(706) 721-5059

Research Focus: 
Oncogenes in cardiovascular development and disease.

Dr. Stansfield is Associate Professor, Pediatric General & Adolescent Medicine 
Pediatric Neonatology.


Stansfield Lab

photo of David W. Stepp, PhD

David W. Stepp, PhD

  • Professor
  • Dept. of Physiology

(706) 721-1949

Research Focus:
Cardiovascular complications of obesity.

Dr. Stepp is the Leon Henri Charbonnier Endowed Chair
Dept. of Physiology and Graduate Program Director.


Stepp Lab

photo of Huabo Su, PhD

Huabo Su, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology

(706) 721-9152

Research Focus: 
Protein quality control in cardiac disease.


Su Lab

photo of Yao Liang Tang, MD, PhD, FAHA

Yao Liang Tang, MD, PhD, FAHA

  • Professor
  • Dept. of Medicine, Cardiology

(706) 721-8467

Research Focus: 
Developmental signaling pathways in adult cardiac
and skeletal muscle repair.


Tang Lab

photo of Alexander D. Verin, PhD

Alexander D. Verin, PhD

  • Professor
  • Dept. of Medicine, Pulmonary

(706) 721-1531

Research Focus: 
Cytoskeletal mechanisms of acute lung injury and repair.


Verin Lab