Name, Job & Email From Research Projects
Yanzhong Hu
Associate Research Scientist
Beijing, P.R. China Using yeast two-hybrid system, we have identified many proteins that associate with Hsf1 or Hsf4 . Their regulation of Hsf1 and Hsf4 is currently under investigation.

Binnur Eroglu
Assistant Research Scientist

Bursa, Turkey

One of my projects is generating high molecular weight Hsp knockout mouse models to determine their function in the mammalian system. I am also using zebrafish as a model to determine the expression patterns of heat shock proteins as well as heat shock factor.

Xiongjie Jin
Assistant Research Scientist

Beijing, P.R. China

My current research program is related to the function of heat shock factors (Hsf1 and Hsf2) and heat shock protein 90 alpha.

  1. Studying the role of hdf1 and hsf4 in tumorigenesis and metabolism.
  2. Understanding the function of Hsp90a using mouse models.

Caixia Xi
Postdoctoral Fellow


Wonkyoung Cho
Graduate Student


Junfeng Pang
Postdoctoral Fellow