The Horuzsko Lab Members

Name, Job & Email From Research Projects

Vladimir Ristich
Postdoctoral Associate

Expression of HLA-G at the maternal-fetal interface during gestation and among transplants implicates it as a crucial factor in maintaining immune tolerance. Dendritic cells play a critical role in the control of innate and adaptive immune responses. The mechanisms of tolerization of dendritic cells via HLA-G and inhibitory receptors are a focus of current investigation.


Wei Zhang
Postdoctoral Fellow

P.R. China

My current research program is focused on the role of myeloid-specific receptors in acute inflammation and dendritic cell maturation.
Siyuan Liang
Research Associate
P.R. China
My research project is in the field of transplantation immunology and maternal-fetal immune responses. Current research is focused on the molecular interaction that modulates functions of T cells via immune inhibitory receptors and HLA-G in vivo using genetically manipulated mice generated in our laboratory. The inhibitory mechanisms involve ILT2 (CD85j, LILRB1) receptor, protein tyrosine kinases, protein tyrosine phosphatases, adaptors and ubiquitin ligases.

Juan Wu
Research Assistant III

P.R. China
My current research program is focused on the study of the mechanisms of alteration of dendritic cell functions in vivo by murine inhibitory receptor PIR-B using genetically manipulated mice expressing PIR-B exclusively on dendritic cells.