Regularly Scheduled Series:
Grand Rounds, Tumor Boards and M and M Conferences

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What does Regularly Scheduled Series [RSS] mean?

A Regularly Scheduled Series [RSS], as defined by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, is an activity that:

  1. is planned to have a series with multiple sessions
  2. occurs on an ongoing or regular basis (weekly, monthly, or quarterly)
  3. is primarily planned by and presented to the accredited organization's professional staff

Grand Rounds, Tumor Boards and M&M Conferences can all be categorized as regularly scheduled series (RSS). RSS can be both directly or jointly sponsored activities.

How can my RSS become accredited for CME?

Applications for CME accreditation must be completed and submitted to the GHSU Division of Continuing Education for approval. RSS are accredited on the calendar year- January 1st through December 31st. Applications to re-certify RSS are required every two years.

My RSS was approved for CME credit two years ago. No application was submitted for the current academic year. Is my RSS still accredited?

No. Regularly Scheduled Series must undergo a review and application process every two years if they wish to have their activity accredited.

Can CME approval of an RSS be rescinded?

Yes. If the RSS does not comply with GHSU Division of CE policies and procedures, credit can be rescinded.

Who do I contact regarding obtaining an application for accreditation?

Please contact Nicole Schultz, Division of Continuing Education, GHSU at 706-721-3967 or by email at

When can I obtain my transcript for attending an RSS?

Transcripts are available online at our website for RSS attendees. Please click here for the complete instructions on how to receive your RSS CME transcript.

What are CME credits based on?

CME credit is awarded for each documented hour of learning that an attendee has participated in at a CME-certified activity.

I go to Grand Rounds and Case Conferences but don't sign in. Can I still receive credit?

No. It is the responsibility of every physician who desires CME credit for attendance at a GHSU accredited RSS activity to sign-in. Per ACCME policy on Physician Participation and Activity Documentation, RSS coordinators cannot award credit in cases where attendance is not appropriately documented.

I would like to seek commercial support for my RSS. What do I do?

Contact Nicole Schultz for policies regarding commercial support as well as helpful forms and templates that are compliant with our policies. Note: All Letter of Agreements for Commercial Support must be approved by the Division of CE, routed to the legal department for approval and signed by Roman Cibirka, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Can I submit grant requests to potential commercial supporters before I have an approved application?

No. The application must be submitted and approved by the Division of Continuing Education before commercial supporters are approached.