Dental Hygiene Reentry Clinical Experience 2013

Dental Hygiene Re-Entry Clinical Experience 

June 3-7, 2013


Presented By
Augusta University
College of Allied Health Sciences
and Division of Continuing Education


This course is designed for dental hygienists who have been out of practice for an extended period of time and seek to re-enter private practice or apply for re-licensure in dental hygiene. This course is not designed to replace the rigorous curriculum of an accredited dental hygiene program and it does not guarantee success on National, Regional or State Board Examinations.



Documentation is required.
1. Current Dental Hygiene license OR if re-entering field, proof of graduation from an ADA accredited dental hygiene program and proof of current/previous license must be supplied.
2. Current Certificate of Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS).
3. Current active Health Insurance- Copy of both sides of medical insurance card required.
4. Professional Liability Insurance (in your name) � if need to apply, contact HPSO. Call 1-800-982-9491 or visit HPSO online.


Upon completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and/or describe the procedures involved in dental hygiene patient care.
  • Prepare and set up dental operatories according to infection control standards of today.
  • Evaluate medical/dental histories and assess pertinent information affecting the dental hygiene treatment plan.
  • Demonstrate correct technique for taking blood pressure and pulse on patients.
  • Perform extraoral and intraoral dental exams including oral cancer screening.
  • Review dental chartings and periodontal findings.
  • Expose and interpret digital dental radiographs.
  • Develop dental hygiene treatment plans and incorporate dental codes pertaining to these plans.
  • Demonstrate ergonomic positioning for patient, operator and operatory equipment.
  • Demonstrate instrumentation skills utilizing hand instruments- including 17/23 and ODU 11/12 explorer, UNC-15 or 12 probe, area specific and universal curettes and sickle scalers. (simulation labs and clinical settings)
  • Demonstrate instrumentation skills utilizing power scalers, power- driven handpieces with prophy angles and attachments and air-powder polishers. (simulations labs and clinical settings).
  • Assess caries risk then select and demonstrate appropriate fluoride treatments.
  • Identify and manage patients with dentinal hypersensitivity.
  • Explain the importance of dental sealants and demonstrate sealant placement techniques.
  • Review and demonstrate instrument sharpening.
  • Prepare a current resume.



Sessions will be held in room GC-4301 and GC-4047 Pre-doc Junior/Dental Hygiene Clinic, Dental College of Georgia Building, Augusta University, 1430 John Wesley Gilbert Blvd, Augusta, GA 30912



The scheduled instructional time in this course is 40 clock hours and attendance of the entire program is approved by the Augusta University for 40 Continuing Education Credit Hours.


Clinical attire all five days: scrubs of any color, hosiery/socks long enough so that skin is not exposed while seated, and clinic shoes must be closed heel and toe, maybe athletic.


Monday, June 3, 2013

7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast
Introduction of faculty, participants and collect resumes
GC 4301
8:00 Dental Hygiene Patient Care 101- an overview from start to finish of a typical day providing dental hygiene treatment. Included in this segment is infection control, setting up an operatory, assessing a medical /dental history, taking blood pressures and pulse, extra and intra oral dental exams including probing and dental charting, developing a dental hygiene treatment plan, patient information and consent, patient education based on indices and assessment findings, scale, polish , fluoride therapy and patient recall needs.
GC 4047
10:00 Implementing Patient Care 101 in clinic 14- setting up an operatory, peer patient review-taking a medical/dental history , blood pressure and pulse, performing an extra and intra oral exam.
GC 4047
11:00 2nd Peer patient review- taking a medical/dental history, blood pressure and pulse, performing an extra and intra oral exam.
GC 4047
12:00 Lunch (on your own)
1:00 Instrumentation 101- modified pen grasp, fulcrum placements, polishing techniques, and basic patient, operator and operatory positioning, ultrasonic and sonic scaling, and air powder polishing.
GC 4047
3:00 Practicing instrumentation 101 in a simulation lab
GC 4047
Homework: HIPAA, OSHA and Georgia Laws and Rules Regulating Dental hygiene


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

8:00 Radiology 101- a review of digital dental radiographs.
GC 4301
9:00 Hands on radiology- taking digital radiographs on manikins and peer patients
GC 4047

Lunch and Learn- “SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW IN DENTAL HYGIENE” an overview of new dental hygiene products on the market, and how to teach patient education based on research.

1:00 1st & 2nd peer patient care- review medical /dental histories, take blood pressure and pulse, review extra and intra oral findings, probe and chart, radiographs (if needed), DH treatment plan, OHI, scale, polish, and fluoride.
GC 4047
4:00 Review 101 Activities - evaluate strengths and weaknesses, homework assignments (reading assignments on ultrasonic and air powder polishing use, sealants, fluoride therapy, carries risk assessment, treating dental sensitivity, and current periodontal therapies. Call and confirm patients for Wednesday.
GC 4301



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

8:00 Review homework and demonstrate sealant placements, and fluoride varnish application. Set up for patient care.
GC 4301 and GC 4047
10:00 1st patient care
GC 4047
12:00 LUNCH (on your own)
1:30 2nd patient care
GC 4047
3:00 3rd patient care
GC 4047
4:30 Days' review and progress- homework- call and confirm patients for Thursday
GC 4301



Thursday, June 6, 2013

8:00 1st patient care
GC 4047
9:30 2nd patient care
GC 4047
10:30 3rd patient care
GC 4047
11:30 Lunch and Learn- “ENHANCING YOUR RESUME” with Kandyce Mack
GC 4301
2:00 4th patient care
GC 4047
3:00 5th patient care
GC 4047
4:00 Days' review and progress- homework- call and confirm patients for Friday
GC 4301



Friday, June 7, 2013

8:00 1st patient care
GC 4047
930 2nd patient care
GC 4047
10:30 3rd patient care
GC 4047
11:30 Lunch and Learn- "Life Long Learning"- participates share article review and "The Short and Sweet of Instrument Sharpening" by Sue Tucker Ward
GC 4301
1:30 4th patient care
GC 4047
2:00 5th patient care
GC 4047
3:00 Course evaluation, summary and certificates
GC 4301





Sue Tucker Ward, RDH, MEd, Associate Professor in the College of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Dental Hygiene. Ms. Ward has been faculty with MCG, GHSU, and now Augusta University since 1989. Her teaching responsibilities include Faculty Practice, pre-clinical dental hygiene, senior dental hygiene coordinator, Dental Hygiene Practicum director, Test Site Coordinator for CRDTS Dental Hygiene Exam, and CPR Facilitator for the Dental College of Georgia.





Ana Thompson, RDH, MHE, Program Director for the Department of Dental Hygiene and Associate Professor for the College of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University. Ms. Thompson's teaching specialties include CDM Faculty Practice, dental anatomy, dental materials, radiology, junior and senior clinical courses, and BLS for Healthcare Providers. Her main interest is in education and in the further development of interdisciplinary research and access to care.



Katherine Miller Bennett, RDH, BS, Instructor in the College of Allied Health Sciences. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene from the Medical College of Georgia in 1975. In addition to prior private practice, her dental hygiene experience includes contributions as a hospital dental hygienist at the Medical College of Georgia, a Public Health dental hygienist at Fort Gordon, and Manager of University Hospital Dental Clinic. She joined the faculty in 1998 and teaches clinical dental hygiene and dental materials laboratory, and is a BLS instructor.



Cynthia Thomas Hughes, RDH, MEd is an Associate Professor in the College of Allied Health Sciences, Georgia Regents University. She earned her Associate and Bachelor of Science Degrees from the Medical College of Georgia and a Master of Education from Cambridge College. She teaches in both the Dental Hygiene Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program and the on-campus Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene Program. In addition to clinical dental hygiene practice, her experience includes consulting, multi-site management for a large group dental practice, and regional clinical educator for a salivary DNA diagnostic laboratory. She has lectured nationally and internationally and is a Past President of the Georgia Dental Hygienists' Association.



Kandyce Mack, RDH, MS, an Instructor in the College of Allied Health Sciences, Dental Hygiene Department. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2002 from South Carolina State University and her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene in 2007 from the Medical College of Georgia and her Masters of Science in 2011 from Georgia Health Sciences University. She worked in general and pediatric practices before joining the faculty. Ms. Mack teaches theory and practice courses, practice management and ethics, clinical dental hygiene, online degree completion courses, and Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider. Ms. Mack is the faculty advisor for the Student American Dental Hygienists' Association,the Dental Hygiene coordinator for Give Kids a Smile Day and a member of the CDM Faculty Practice.



Arrangements for payment will be made through the Augusta University Division of Continuing Education, Ms Jennifer Still, 1 -706-721-3967 or All necessary instruments and supplies are provided for the course. Tuition is $1,500. Deadline for cancellation is two weeks prior to course. Registration refunded minus a $100 administrative fee.

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Phone: Call 800-221-6437 or 706-721-3967



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  • The Quality Inn is close to Augusta University Campus, 1455 Walton Way, 706-722-2224
  • Partridge Inn is about 2 miles from the school, 2110 Walton Way 706-737-8888
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Most motels/hotels on or near Washington Road and I-20 would be about 10/15 minutes from the school. We have numerous- Holiday Inn, Homewood Suites, Clarion Suite. More suggestions and rates are available through the Augusta University Division of Continuing Education.



The Augusta University Division of Continuing Education complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act. If you require special services, facilities or dietary considerations (vegetarian or otherwise) to support your participation in this continuing education program, contact the conference coordinator at 800-221-6437 or 706-721-3967.


Although every effort will be made to have a comfortable temperature in the
meeting room, we realize that everyone's comfort zone is different. Please bring a jacket or sweater in case the room is too cool for your comfort.