Student Success Stories

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Amanda Funderburg

Amanda Funderburg

"Thanks to the guidance I received from Career Services, landed a full time science teacher position at Strom Thurmond High School. I will be a part of their brand new (starting this year) Freshman Academy. Fun!!"
Anna Goodbread

Anna Goodbread

"The many resources available through the Career Center and their website have helped me through each stage of my college career. By utilizing all of the materials available to you, you can not only plan your undergraduate education better but also prepare for your future education and career."

Ashley Whitaker

"I landed a full time job at SRS, with V3 Technical Services, as a project assistant. I work as part of a team that provides support services to the Citizens Advisory Board at SRS. My advice to students is to Intern, intern, intern. People love a hard worker and if you do a good job at your internship, it can lead to a paid position. Also, get involved on campus!"

Brandi Freeman

"I obtained an internship at Verge Magazine. When I went to the career center to inquire on my career field they gave me contacts and opportunities that day. Once I got an interview and Melissa Hudson kept in touch and gave me tips until the morning of the interview. I couldn't have asked for a better team that would care about my personal needs and desires in my field."
Miranda Brown

Miranda Brown

"During my time at Augusta State, I set my mind on pursuing an internship with notable companies such as CMT, The Gospel Music Channel (now known as "gmc,") and Fox News. Melissa Hudson from Career Services showed me how to form a resume and create a cover letter that would reveal every aspect of my individuality while highlighting my professional work ethics. Not only did I get one of the internships that I wanted; I got all three! Now my resume is loaded with experience from my internships and I've developed the interview skills to back it up! I received a job with gmc, doing what I love, only two months after graduation -- and my first promotion six weeks later. What a blessing!"

Arthur Greene

"My success was developing a federal government style resume to obtain a full time position with the Social Security Administration. My overall experience with the ASU Career Center has been great. The staff has always been very pleasant, polite and overall helpful. The advice I would give all students is to use all the resources that the career center has available because after graduation you really need some type of advantage. So take advantage of these resources because it further you in your advancement of pursuing a career and personal career endeavors."
Wendi Stroud

Wendi Stroud

"Taking shortcuts may be easer; however, being challenged and working hard is always so much more rewarding. Thanks for caring enough to spend your time making your point. That's what I meant when I spoke so highly of my experience at Augusta University; all of you (faculty and staff) always seem to make such a positive impact on the lives of Augusta University students." Augusta University students."

Nyema Williams

"I recently graduated from Augusta University with a Master of Arts in Teaching. With the help of Ms. Hall in the Career Services department, I was adequately prepared for the two hour panel interview that I went through. Ms. Hall gave me constructive feedback about my resume and cover letter. During my job searching process, Ms. Hall conducted a mock interview with me. During our mock interview, I taught a fifteen minute lesson and we rehearsed answering behavioral based questions. The same week I was offered a full time position within the school system of my choice, less than a month after graduation! The Career Services Department helped to make sure that I was well prepared for the interviewing process. "

Morgan Cooper

"The Career Link is a great way to find a job! I managed to secure two part time positions with the postings available. One position is with Augusta University's Wellness Center as a Front Desk Attendant and the other position is with Furnish 123 in Grovetown as Receptionist. I started at Furnish 123 in November of 2012 and I started at the Wellness Center in 2013. I am very happy that we have Career Services available at our school to help students just like me find employment. My search process consisted of constantly checking the Career Link postings that were sent out weekly through e-mail by Career Services. I also kept a updated resume on file frequently which one of the Career Advisors always helps with. The mock interviews and interview tips they offer helped as well. So very happy with the results of using Career Services!"

Melissa Borders

"I think my interview went well. I was nervous but I remembered what you told me and remained calm. I know that coming to see you helped me a lot because you prepared me for questions that they actually asked me. In fact, there were about four questions that were almost worded exactly the same. So, as you can imagine I was very happy about that since I already had the answer ready for them before they could even finish asking me.
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help. I know that it is your job, but you made me feel that you really care about my success. Often you encounter people who are only "doing their job" and that is it. You are different and your sincerity and genuine concern shows. Thank you again for all of your help and I will let you know when I get the envelope, big or small.

I know that if I had not followed the advice of Mrs. Coleman and made an appointment with you I would not have done as well in the interview. When I graduate and it comes time for me to apply to a job, I will be back to see you again!! Thank you again."

Karleigh King

"I landed a part-time position with AmeriCorps in Denver, Colorado working with at-risk youth to keep them on the path to education. I will be implementing service projects and working with parents to make sure their children are attending school.

I met with Melissa Hudson in the Career Center for advice on volunteer work. She had some great ideas, such as giving mock phone interviews. She in an important asset to the Career Center, and I highly recommend meeting with her or someone else in the Center before graduation."