Student Employment

2018 STUDENT EMPLOYMENT FAIR: August 23rd, 1pm-3pm, JSAC Ballroom

Student Hires Process for SUPERVISORS 2018-2019

Student Employment Program Information for 2018-2019

Augusta University offers a variety of student employment programs to meet your needs: Federal Work Study, Graduate Assistant and Student Assistant Programs.

Students can search for jobs under these programs through Augusta University CareerLink. The can also contact departments directly to inquire about current or future openings in those areas.

Federal Work Study

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The Federal Work Study (FWS) program is designed to stimulate and promote the part-time employment of students who demonstrate financial need in accordance with federal guidelines. The program provides financial assistance to students while broadening their educational experiences. FWS students are employed in many departments on campus as well as agencies and organizations throughout the Augusta area. For more information about how to apply for Federal Work Study, please visit this page

Graduate Assistant

Graduate assistants are graduate students who provide academic and program support to various departments on campus. These students work part-time on campus and are offered tuition at a reduced rate.

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Student Assistant

The Student Assistant Program (SA) provides part-time positions for students to aid in meeting a portion of their educational expenses, as well as obtaining valuable employment experience. Student Assistants are employed in departments on campus. All students who are currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program are eligible for the SA Program. Financial need is not a factor. Compensation is 100% departmental.