Common Admission to PhD Programs in the Biomedical Sciences

We offer a PhD degree in one of five Biomedical Science programs:

  • Biochemistry and Cancer Biology
  • Cellular Biology and Anatomy
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Physiology and Endocrinology

These programs train students for academic or industrial research and teaching careers. Each program offers faculty with diverse expertise and a supportive, inspiring environment. Career opportunities are excellent; most students obtain additional postdoctoral training at other institutions after earning their PhD, and some go directly to research or teaching positions. Annual salaries for PhD scientists range from about $25,000 for new graduates to $100,000 or more for senior professors and researchers. 

First-year PhD students are admitted via a common admissions process to PhD programs in Biomedical Sciences at MCG. After completing first year interdisciplinary core coursework and performing several laboratory rotations, they choose a research mentor and enter the PhD program in which that faculty member has an appointment. Additional coursework and qualifying examinations for the PhD are administered by the individual programs. A research advisory committee chaired by the student's faculty advisor monitors the student's progress toward earning the PhD degree. In each program, PhD candidates complete a PhD dissertation based on original research.

In addition to well-furnished research laboratories for individual projects, students have access to modern laboratory animal facilities, an animal behavior center and both transgenic mouse and transgenic zebrafish facilities.  Students also have access to an analytical chemistry laboratory, centers for flow cytometry and molecular modeling, and core laboratories for DNA synthesis and sequencing, gene chip analysis, peptide synthesis, cell imaging, and electron microscopy and histology.

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