Graduation from the Doctoral Program

Application for Graduation

Each candidate for a graduate degree must apply for graduation. The Application for Graduation Form is available in the Graduate Studies office. Please read the application carefully and provide ALL requested information. Return the completed application to the Graduate Studies office. This application informs the Graduate Studies office and the Registrar’s office whether or not you will be attending May graduation and/or the Graduate Studies Hooding Ceremony. It also enables the Augusta University Bookstore to order the appropriate regalia in time for graduation. If a student believes that s/he will complete the requirements during the spring semester, the form should be completed and returned to the Graduate Studies office. If the form indicates that a student will graduate in time for the May commencement and the degree requirements are not met by that time, the student will NOT be charged for ordering regalia. However, if the requirements are completed in time for the May commencement and this form has not been returned, regalia may not be available for participation in hooding and graduation exercises. The Registrar also uses these forms to obtain the names for the Commencement Program for graduation and the correct names for diplomas. If an Application for Graduation has not been completed, the student will not be listed in the program.

Satisfactory Fulfillment of All Degree Requirements

Satisfactory fulfillment of any additional requirements of the student's major department or the institution is required. Three final, signed copies of the dissertation on Crane’s Thesis Paper must be received in the College of Graduate Studies office at least one week prior to the date of graduation. A recommendation for graduation signed by the Chair of the student’s department (or for nursing programs, the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research), and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies is submitted to the Registrar verifying that the student has completed all requirements. The recommendation for graduation memo is forwarded to the program director for the chair's signature by the office staff of graduate studies. The completed memo is returned to the Dean’s office. It is forwarded from the Dean’s office to the Registrar after all required program documentation has been submitted.