Candidacy for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Residence and Time Limits

The minimum requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree is three full academic years beyond the bachelor's degree, which cannot be satisfied through summer work alone. At least two full consecutive semesters must be spent in residence on the campus. If the student has part-time duties (employment or an assistantship), the residence requirements will be increased accordingly to provide the equivalent of two semesters of full-time study in residence. All course work and other requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree, including the Final Oral Examination, must be completed within seven (7) consecutive calendar years from the date of enrollment in the School of Graduate Studies. Leaves of absence do not extend the seven-year limit. It is the student's responsibility to meet all the requirements for the degree in the proper sequence and in the time limits specified in this document. For students in combined MD/PhD or DMD/PhD degree programs, the seven-year limit does not include semesters of enrollment in the professional degree program. Where circumstances warrant, a student may petition the Dean for exceptions to this residence and time limit policy.

Admission to Candidacy for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree

A student will be admitted to candidacy for this degree by the Dean following successful completion of the research tools requirement, acceptance of the coursework proposal and research proposal, and passing of the first and second comprehensive exams. A completed Admission to Candidacy Form must be submitted to the Dean. The Dean notifies the student in writing of his/her admission to candidacy. Until this occurs, graduate courses taken are not credited toward the degree.

A student must be eligible for candidacy for the PhD. degree at least two semesters before the proposed graduation date.

Application forms and can be obtained from:

Office of Academic Admissions 
170 Kelly Building-Administration 
Augusta University 
Augusta, GA 30912-7310 
Phone: 706-721-2725 
FAX: 706-721-0186.  

Questions concerning the application process and the status of an application should be directed to this office. All application materials should be sent to the Office of Academic Admissions, not the Department of Biochemistry and Cancer Biology.