• Protein extraction from cell lines, tissues and biofluids
  • Co-immunoprecipitation
  • Trypsin digestion
  • Nano-LC/MS/MS
  • Protein identification
  • Detection and characterization of posttranslational modifications of proteins, structural characterization of modified proteins, lipids and DNA in disease, e.g., the identification and quantification of oxidative damage to proteins, lipids and DNA
  • Screening for genetic mutations in proteins


  • Sample extraction and purification for metabolomics
  • Metabolome profiling 
  • LC/MS analysis of the different sample sets (i.e., disease vs. matched controls)
  • LC/MS differential analysis of the LC/MS analyses
  • Provide LC/MS output (m/z and RT) highlighting the ions that differed the most in intensity between data sets
  • Provide tentative identification based on accurate mass and molecules available in the METLIN database
  • Provide firmer identification based on comparative MS/MS and high accuracy analysis of 'unknown' with a standard provided by the client