Mumtaz V. Rojiani, PhD

Selected Publications

Xiao W, Wang L, Howard J, Kolhe R, Rojiani AM, Rojiani MV:  TIMP-1-Mediated Chemoresistance via Induction of IL-6 in NSCLC. Cancers, August 2019; 11, 1184; doi:10.3390/cancers11081184 

Ghoshal-Gupta S, Kutiyanawalla A, Lee BR, Ojha J, Nurani A, Mondal A, Kolhe R, Rojiani AM and Rojiani MV: TIMP-1 downregulation modulates miR-125a-5p expression and triggers the apoptotic pathway. Oncotarget, 2018; 9:8941-8956.

Kolhe R, Hunter M, Liu S, Jadeja R, Pundkar C, Mondal A, Mendhe B, Drewry M, Rojiani MV, Liu Y, Isales C, Guldberg R, Hamrick M, and Fulzele S: Gender specific differential expression of exosomal miRNA in synovial fluid of patients with osteoarthritis. Nature Scientific Reports 2017 May 17;7(1):2029

Strickland-Marmol LB, Brem S, Rojiani AM, Rojiani MV: Vascular morphometric parameters- correlation with histologic grade and VEGF expression in oligodendroglioma. Am J Cancer Res. 2017; 7(4) 973-981

Nalluri S, Ghoshal-Gupta S, Kutiyanawalla A, Gayatri S, Lee BR, Jiwani S, Rojiani AM and Rojiani MV: TIMP-1 inhibits apoptosis in lung adenocarcinoma cells via interaction with Bcl-2. PLoS ONE 2015; 10(9):0137673. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0137673

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