Summerville-Cancer Center Collaborative Research Awards


The Georgia Cancer Center is pleased to announce a joint funding opportunity between the faculty of the Augusta University Summerville Campus and Georgia Cancer Center Members, with the intent of fostering and promoting inter-campus collaborative cancer research. All areas of cancer research are suitable for this initiative.

Research Day: To explore potential collaborations, the Faculty from the Summerville Campus will present posters of their work in CN-1102 on February 24th from 3-5 pm. Georgia Cancer Center members are encouraged to attend to learn more about collaborative research opportunities to help plan for the award deadline.
Amount: $35,000

April 17th (sent as single compiled pdf to

  • Co-Is must include one Summerville Campus Faculty member and one Member of the Georgia Cancer Center.  Please direct questions regarding eligibility to Lisa Middleton,
  • Although preliminary data is encouraged, it is anticipated that this new initiative will foster emerging collaboration and so is not necessary.
  • Proposals should clearly state the roles of each Co-I in the project.
  • The number of awards will depend on the number of meritorious applications received.
  • While an individual can be Co-I on different proposals, this individual will be the co-recipient of only one award.
  • Applications should follow the general NIH format, but in this case are restricted to four (4) pages for the proposal and one page for Specific Aims (total of 5 pages). Use Arial 11pt font throughout.
  • Biosketches for each Co-I should be included.
  • Budgets are required (Faculty salary cannot be included in the budget).
Review Criteria: Proposals must convincingly present a research project outlining a new collaborative effort between the two PIs. As such, it is expected that there will be limited, if any, joint preliminary data. The proposal will be reviewed to assess the potential that the research project will establish a new area of collaboration within the Cancer Center.