Cancer Prevention, Control & Population Health

Giving up smoking, eating better and exercising can improve overall health — these simple steps can also make it less likely someone will develop cancer. It is a message the Georgia Cancer Center's Prevention and Control program wants all Georgians to hear.

Prevention and Control reaches out to community organizations, schools and other civic groups to promote the importance of detection and regular screening. It consults with community leaders to stay current with the populations they represent and to maintain open channels of communication.

Its mission also benefits from research conducted on the Augusta University campus in the areas of cancer incidence and etiology, cancer intervention and control within Georgia.

Another important focus for Prevention & Control is cancers of the prostate and breast, especially among the African-American population. These malignancies statistically have worse outcomes for minorities for a variety of reasons. As a National Cancer Institute-designated Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program, Georgia Cancer Center makes the newest cancer treatments available for patients in the Augusta region. It also recruits volunteers for prevention trials that look at the impact of immunity, lifestyle and environment on cancer prevention.


Catherine L. Davis, PhD

Daron Ferris, MD

Sharad Ghamande, MD

Carsten Schroeder, MD

Michael Stefanek, PhD

Martha S. Tingen, PhD, MSN