The Molecular Medicine (MolMed) Graduate Program combines the resources of basic science and translational medical research and emphasizes the molecular processes underlying human diseases and explores the potentials of translating basic studies at molecular level into novel disease treatment approaches.

The MolMed Graduate Program is designed to prepare students for careers in basic and translational biomedical research in academic environment as well as industries. It requires approximately five years of full-time study, including course work, examinations, and dissertation research. All students complete a PhD dissertation based on original research.

To enter the Molecular Medicine PhD program, prospective students must apply to the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program. After applying through a common admissions process for all of the university’s biomedical sciences Ph.D. programs, matriculating students will complete a series of laboratory rotations before choosing a mentor and joining a specific program, such as the Molecular Medicine PhD Program.

Program's History

The Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine was established in 1997 to provide advanced training in the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying human disease. The program is now chaired by Dr. Brian Annex, Chair of the Department of Medicine, directed by Dr. Yukai He, Professor in the Cancer Immunology, Inflammation, and Tolerance Program of the Georgia Cancer Center, and administered by Dr. Lisa Middleton, Associate Professor at the Georgia Cancer Center. Although the research spectrum is as wide as the program name indicates, all of the current PhD candidates in the program are conducting translational studies related to tumor immunology or immunoinflammatory mechanisms of cancer and other diseases.

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