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At the Georgia Cancer Center, we want to reduce the burden of cancer in the State of Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education.

Because of the major investment in basic science research and clinical care by Augusta University, Augusta University Health and Medical College of Georgia leadership, we have fertile ground to produce the next big advancement in cancer research and clinical care.

Georgia Cancer Center Research Team

photo of Satyanarayana Ande

Satyanarayana Ande

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-0029

photo of Ali Syed Arbab

Ali Syed Arbab

  • Professor

(706) 721-8909

photo of Roni Bollag

Roni Bollag

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-0923

photo of Wendy Bollag

Wendy Bollag

  • Professor

(706) 721-0698

photo of Jennifer W. Bradford

Jennifer W. Bradford

  • Assistant Professor

(706) 667-4575

photo of Esteban Celis

Esteban Celis

  • Professor

(706) 721-5668

photo of Ahmed Chadli

Ahmed Chadli

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-4661

photo of John Cowell

John Cowell

  • Interim Director
  • Professor

(706) 721-4381

photo of Yan Cui

Yan Cui

  • Professor

(706) 723-4153

photo of Han-Fei Ding

Han-Fei Ding

  • Professor

(706) 721-4286

photo of Daron Ferris

Daron Ferris

  • Professor

(706) 721-2535

photo of LesleyAnn Hawthorn

LesleyAnn Hawthorn

  • Professor

(706) 721-4384

photo of Yukai He

Yukai He

  • Professor

(706) 721-2728

photo of Anatolij Horuszko

Anatolij Horuszko

  • Professor

(706) 721-2728

photo of Tianxiang Hu

Tianxiang Hu

  • Assistant Professor

(706) 721-8373

photo of Theodore Johnson

Theodore Johnson

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-4962

photo of Hasan Korkaya

Hasan Korkaya

  • Assistant Professor

(706) 721-2429

photo of Iryna Lebedyeva

Iryna Lebedyeva

  • Assistant Professor

(707) 729-2456

photo of Honglin Li

Honglin Li

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-6143

photo of Kebin Liu

Kebin Liu

  • Professor

(706) 721-9483

photo of Balakrishna Lokeshwar

Balakrishna Lokeshwar

  • Professor

(706) 723-0033

photo of Santhakumar Manicassamy

Santhakumar Manicassamy

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-7902

photo of Nahid Mivechi

Nahid Mivechi

  • Professor

(706) 721-8759

photo of Dimitrios Moskofidis

Dimitrios Moskofidis

  • Professor

(706) 721-8738

photo of David Munn

David Munn

  • Professor

(706) 721-7141

photo of Betty S. Pace

Betty S. Pace

  • Professor

(706) 721-3626

photo of Mumtaz V. Rojiani

Mumtaz V. Rojiani

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-0295

photo of Ramses Sadek

Ramses Sadek

  • Professor

(706) 721-6930

photo of Huidong Shi

Huidong Shi

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-6000

photo of Yong Teng

Yong Teng

  • Assistant Professor

(706) 446-5611

photo of Martha Tingen

Martha Tingen

  • Professor

(706) 721-0471

photo of Marlo Vernon

Marlo Vernon

  • Assistant Professor

(706) 723-4322

photo of Chunhong Yan

Chunhong Yan

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-0099

photo of Gang Zhou

Gang Zhou

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-4472

Jagwire News

photo of t-shirts

Showpony adds T-shirt designs to support Georgia Cancer Center and #OurAUHeroes

Local merchandise vendor Showpony has created exclusive T-shirt designs to benefit the Georgia Cancer Center and the AU Medical Center as part of their popular We Give a Shirt campaign.

doctor and patient

Experts available for stories on COVID-19

Need an expert for your upcoming story on COVID-19? Augusta University is ready to help.

Outside of the Georgia Cancer Center's Outpatient Services.

Georgia Cancer Center connects with doctors in Africa

Not only is COVID-19 currently a major issue in some lower-income countries, but cancer has been a particular problem there for many years.

doctor and patient

Watch: Georgia Cancer Center works to keep patients safe during pandemic

In this second part of a discussion about COVID-19 and cancer care at the Georgia Cancer Center, Barbara McFarland, Outpatient Cancer Services administrator, talks with talks with Chris Curry, communications and marketing manager at the center, about the changes being made by our cancer doctors to make sure every interaction with patients is safe during the […]

Reducing the Burden

The Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer in Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education. Through unprecedented expansion, the Georgia Cancer Center is providing access to more first-in-the-nation clinical trials, world-renowned experts and life-saving options.