Membership is open to all faculty who seek to promote the mission of the Georgia Cancer Center and meet the membership requirements outlined below. Membership appointments will be made by the Director for two-year terms.

To be considered for membership, candidates must apply by completing the online application form. Included should be a CV, NIH biosketch, other support, and a list of clinical trials for which the investigator is a Principal Investigator or has accrued patients. There are five membership types:

  • Full Member
  • Associate Member
  • Adjunct Members
  • Trainee Affiliate Member
  • Emeritus Member

Appointments for all membership categories will be notified of any changes in criteria. The Georgia Cancer Center Executive Committee will review all memberships periodically and may reassign membership categories based on then-current membership criteria. All recommended changes will be forwarded to the Georgia Cancer Center Director for approval.  Applications for membership should be made through the Georgia Cancer Center's website. The Georgia Cancer Center Executive Committee or individuals designated by the Director will review applications, assign categories, and make recommendations to the Director.

Types of Membership

Georgia Cancer Center Full Membership

(You must meet at least three of the following criteria.)

  • Augusta University faculty member
  • Investigator (PI, Co-I, or Project Leader) on peer-reviewed, cancer-related grants, or contracts (or cancer-related clinical trials, whether industry sponsored, cooperative group or investigator-initiated) within the last three years
  • Author or co-author of peer-reviewed, cancer-related publications within the last three years
  • Active clinical responsibilities at the Georgia Cancer Center (outpatient and/or inpatient)
  • Investigators and clinicians who do not meet the above criteria but who make significant contributions to the Cancer Center (e.g., clinical service, administrative service, active participation in Cancer Center committees, outreach activities on behalf of the Cancer Center, etc.) may become members at the discretion of the Cancer Director or can apply for Associate Membership.


Georgia Cancer Center Associate Membership

(You must meet at least one of the following criteria)

  • Augusta University faculty/professionals who demonstrate significant professional involvement in cancer research but do not fully meet criteria for Full Membership
  • Augusta University faculty researcher who is interested in translating their current non-cancer-related research to become cancer-related; membership application is to include a brief description of the rationale for this
  • Augusta University faculty who have shown a consistent history of collaboration with Georgia Cancer Center Full Members
  • Augusta University clinical faculty who have a major cancer-relevant clinical focus, including enrolling patients on cancer clinical trials (without serving as the trial’s PI or author)

Georgia Cancer Center Adjunct Membership

Georgia Cancer Center Adjunct Members are full-time faculty at institutions external to Augusta University who collaborate with or are seeking to collaborate with Georgia Cancer Center Full Members, either as a cancer researcher or to apply their current research interests to cancer research.

Georgia Cancer Center Trainee Affiliate Membership

Georgia Cancer Center Trainee Affiliate Members are Augusta University early-career cancer researchers who have not yet been granted peer-reviewed, external funding, as well as trainees (graduate student, medical student, resident, fellow, etc.).

Georgia Cancer Center Emeritus Membership

Georgia Cancer Center Emeritus Members are distinguished senior faculty who have retired from the Georgia Cancer Center. GCC Emeritus Members are determined at the discretion of the Cancer Center Director.

Responsibilities of Full Membership

  • Support the mission, goals and objectives of the Georgia Cancer Center.
  • Participate significantly in Georgia Cancer Center research programs, retreats, seminars, and special initiatives.
  • Promote interdisciplinary, multi-investigator research efforts (PO1, SPORE, U01, etc.) and actively facilitate the creation of new collaborative efforts within the Georgia Cancer Center.
  • Renew membership in writing every two years and provide updated CV and biosketches yearly or as requested.
  • Provide annual/semi-annual reports on scientific activity and copies of grant awards (NIH, NCI, DOD, pharmaceutical, or other sponsors) – information will be stored in the Georgia Cancer Center’s database for cancer-related activities.
  • Request funds in grant applications to support the proposed use of Georgia Cancer Center shared resource services.
  • Participate as a presenter or submit posters when appropriate.
  • Include the approved recognition of Georgia Cancer Center membership on all cancer-related academic papers, grants, journal articles, posters, and/or abstracts, and identify with the Georgia Cancer Center in promotional activities.
  • Provide abstracts and papers to the respective program leader upon request.
  • Participate in cancer-related educational activities (medical, graduate school, and community) and outreach (e.g., screenings, fund-raisers, prevention awareness) sponsored by the Georgia Cancer Center.

Benefits of Adjunct Membership

  • Subsidized rates for use of core facilities and shared resources identified for support by the Georgia Cancer Center.
  • Inclusion in relevant promotional materials such as CME programs, the Georgia Cancer Center Web site, and referral outreach activities that are developed by the Georgia Cancer Center.
  • In conjunction with Full Members, Adjunct Members are able to:
  • Apply for internal Georgia Cancer Center funding initiatives and are eligible for Georgia Cancer Center Director’s developmental funds.
  • Membership in Cancer Center interest groups, organ science teams, translational groups, etc.
  • Conduct translational research/clinical trials and lead clinical investigator opportunities.
  • Access Georgia Cancer Center clinical trials and IRB infrastructure.
  • Connect with drug sponsors and new agent trials.

Reducing the Burden

The Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer in Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education. Through unprecedented expansion, the Georgia Cancer Center is providing access to more first-in-the-nation clinical trials, world-renowned experts and life-saving options.