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At the Georgia Cancer Center, we want to reduce the burden of cancer in the State of Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education.

Because of the major investment in basic science research and clinical care by Augusta University, Augusta University Health and Medical College of Georgia leadership, we have fertile ground to produce the next big advancement in cancer research and clinical care.

photo of Satyanarayana Ande, PhD

Satyanarayana Ande, PhD

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-0029

photo of Roni Bollag, MD, PhD

Roni Bollag, MD, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-0923

photo of Ahmed Chadli, PhD, MS, DEA

Ahmed Chadli, PhD, MS, DEA

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-4661

photo of Yan Cui, PhD

Yan Cui, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 723-4153

photo of Yukai He, MD, PhD

Yukai He, MD, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-2728

photo of Tianxiang Hu, PhD

Tianxiang Hu, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

(706) 721-8373

photo of Theodore Johnson

Theodore Johnson

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-4962

photo of Hasan Korkaya, DVM, PhD

Hasan Korkaya, DVM, PhD

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-2429

photo of Vivian Lui, Ph.D.

Vivian Lui, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor


photo of Santhakumar Manicassamy, PhD

Santhakumar Manicassamy, PhD

  • Associate Professor

(706) 721-7902

photo of Nahid F. Mivechi, PhD

Nahid F. Mivechi, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-8759

photo of David Munn, MD

David Munn, MD

  • Professor

(706) 721-7141

photo of Betty S. Pace, MD

Betty S. Pace, MD

  • Professor

(706) 721-3626

photo of Ramses F Sadek, PhD

Ramses F Sadek, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-6930

photo of Huidong Shi, PhD

Huidong Shi, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-6000

photo of Martha Tingen, PhD

Martha Tingen, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-0471

photo of Chunhong Yan, PhD

Chunhong Yan, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-0099

photo of Gang Zhou, PhD

Gang Zhou, PhD

  • Professor

(706) 721-4472

photo of Xingguo Zhu

Xingguo Zhu

  • Assistant Professor

(706) 723-0059

Jagwire News

Store with fruits and vegetables in a basket

CHANGE initiative aims to reduce risk of cancer in Augusta

“At Peabody, residents wanted to increase their access to fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Dr. Marlo Vernon. “We know eating fresh fruits and vegetables reduces cancer risk; they also help reduce obesity, which is a cancer risk.” 

Woman talking to men

Augusta University comes together to host second health fair for McCorkle Nurseries workers

Health care volunteers for the June 3 event provided services to almost 200 McCorkle Nurseries Inc. employees.

Drs Pandya Bhaumik and Nahid Mivechi

Augusta University Biochemistry and Cancer Biology Program’s latest graduate off to promising start to research career

Dr. Pandya Bhaumik, the newest graduate of the Biochemistry and Cancer Biology Program at Augusta University, is off to his next venture in a senior research role with well-known biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The Biochemistry and Cancer Biology Program aims to train students to be successful and independent research scientists.

group of young adults in matching shirts standing in front of a wall

NOpioids partnership at Tutt Middle School celebrates conclusion with field day

The partnership, which celebrated its conclusion May 12 with a field day, began in October 2019.

Reducing the Burden

The Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer in Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education. Through unprecedented expansion, the Georgia Cancer Center is providing access to more first-in-the-nation clinical trials, world-renowned experts and life-saving options.