Health Center Credit Union

Who We are.
Health Center Credit Union has been helping people afford life with local decisions and great rates since 1976. We are a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution serving greater Augusta’s medical, dental and educational communities, run for and by the members themselves. As shareholders, members directly guide and benefit from the credit union’s growth. Members also comprise the credit union’s Board of Directors.

Who is qualified to be a member?
As part of Augusta University Augusta and the greater Augusta medical and educational community, we understand your lifestyle and financial needs.
Our field of membership includes all persons associated with Augusta University and the Augusta University Health System, as well as all medical and dental offices in the greater Augusta area. We also serve current students, their parents, alumni, retirees, faculty, and staff of the Richmond, Columbia, and Lincoln County school systems. Membership is available to all immediate and extended family of those who are eligible to join HCCU.

Just for Students
Augusta University Student Checking account is a FREE Checking account designed specifically for students of Augusta University to fit any of your financial needs! This account comes with the custom Augusta University Visa Check Card through HCCU, making everyday purchasing easy! The card works as an ATM card but offers added convenience of being able to use it virtually anywhere. There is no age restriction on this account, as long as you are enrolled in classes at Augusta University you qualify.

There are no fees or monthly service charges associated with this account until you graduate or are no longer enrolled at Augusta University when the account becomes a Classic account.

Need a little help paying for your books this semester? HCCU is here! Qualify for up to $600 per semester for supplies at the Augusta University Book Store with the Augusta University Book Loan

The purpose of a Book Loan is to assist Augusta University students in purchasing books from the Augusta University Bookstore by advancing students the needed funds until such time as their Financial Aid becomes available or they are able to repay the advance. All approved advances will need to be repaid in three monthly installments beginning at the end of the month in which the advance is granted. Late charges will apply if payments are not made within 10 days of the due date. The interest rate for Book Loans is 9%. Book Loans can be approved for up to $600, however, HCCU will only advance the amount that is actually s
pent in the Augusta University Bookstore for that semester. Augusta University Students are able to apply at any one of HCCU’s branch locations. 

Book Loan Application

How do I become a member?
Becoming a HCCU member is easy! A savings account begins your credit union membership; simply maintain a minimum balance of $25 in your account to keep it open. There are no membership fees. This savings account will allow you access to the full array of HCCU’s financial products, services, and membership benefits.

Where we are.
We have 2
 branches and 13 ATM (4 on campus) locations.