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From feature films to video games, animation is a rapidly growing industry with a firm footing in Georgia. At Augusta University, animation students turn their passions into careers. Our animation program blends art with tech to meet the needs of the expanding creative economy.

Are you interested in any of the following?

  • Character animation
  • Video games
  • Comics and Webtoons
  • Drawing Original Characters and Fan art
  • Visual Effects
  • Anime
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Esports

Learn the skills to bring stories, characters, and worlds to life with pixels and polygons. Explore each part of the production pipeline - including 2D & 3D animation, 3D modeling, motion graphics, technical animation, storyboarding, and concept art. Collaborate with a team to create short films and video game projects for your portfolio.

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Explore Art & Design

An Experience Like No Other

Haley Dowdy, an animation student, shares her journey of discovering her love for art and animation.

Graduates of the Animation concentration acquire industry standard proficiencies in media literacy, aesthetic development, critical thinking, collaboration, technology adaptability, and creative leadership. Students will utilize cutting-edge techniques to create strong portfolios that include a range of creative skillsets that explore motion, performance, aesthetic appeal, visual communication, and expression.