The Augusta University Alumni Association’s mission is to support the overall advancement of Augusta University by engaging alumni for life, building a culture of philanthropy to support the university, and serving as the representative voice for all alumni.

Advancement, the Alumni Office at Augusta University supports and provides oversight for the Alumni Association. With more than 55,000 alumni worldwide, the Alumni Association strives to provide meaningful programs and events that enrich alumni socially, educationally, and professionally.

As of July 1, 2013, the Augusta University Alumni Association is now a non-dues based organization, so there are no longer annual memberships. However, the Medical College of Georgia Alumni Association remains a dues-based organization. The transition to a non-dues based organization provides the Augusta University Alumni Association the opportunity to engage and provide programs for all alumni of Augusta University and it’s legacy institutions – Augusta College, Augusta State University, Georgia Health Sciences University, Georgia Regents University, and Medical College of Georgia. This allows us to focus on the core mission of the Alumni Association – keeping alumni engaged with the university and connected to fellow alumni. All alumni will be receiving a membership packet in the mail by the end of January 2014. If you do not receive a packet by that time, please contact the Alumni Office at 706-737-1759.