MPA Bridge Technology Standards

***PLEASE NOTE: The Bridge MPA Program is scheduled to be discontinued effect December 31, 2019. The PA Program is no longer accepting applications for this degree track.***

The ability to access Internet-based resources during classroom educational activities is an invaluable resource for meeting objectives and achieving curriculum outcomes. In addition to these mandatory minimum laptop requirements, students will need a built-in or USB web cam.

Our program recognizes that lifelong learning requires students to embrace and effectively use computer technology. Examples of laptop  use include presentation of educational content, student collaboration, and assessment of student understanding and progress.

Specific uses may include:

  • Online Testing
  • Patient Simulation
  • Small Group Problem Based Learning
  • Online Course Delivery System
  • Viewing Captured Lecture and Electronic Reference Resources

Expected competencies include:

  • Use software and hardware for word processing, presentation design, and electronic journal retrieval. Access and use web browsers, internet search engines, varied web plug-ins (Adobe Acrobat, Real Player, and Shockwave), web-based library resources, and online databases.
  • Access to the Internet for web-enhanced and web-based courses.
  • Send and receive email and electronic documents; open and attach documents to email.
  • Participate in online course delivery via the learning management system (LMS).
  • Update virus protection and operating system updates each week.
  • Ability to print required documents.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for maintaining their personal laptop computer software and hardware. Hardware or software failure will not excuse students from course responsibilities. Students are responsible for all software installs and updates required for course management and network connectivity.

Orientation Sessions

An IT Checklist will be provided to all bridge MPA students at the start of enrollment. Students are responsible for completing the checklist before starting course work.