MPA Bridge Curriculum

***PLEASE NOTE: The Bridge MPA Program is scheduled to be discontinued effect December 31, 2019. The PA Program is no longer accepting applications for this degree track.***

Core Curriculum

Students are to take the following courses as the core curriculum:

 Course Number  Course Name
 PHAS 5360      Evidence Based Medicine and Medical Writing    
 PHAS 5020  Genetics
 PHAS 5100  Ethics and Professional Practice Issues
 STAT 6300  Introduction to Epidemiology & Biostatistics
 PHAS 6120  Professionalism and Teaching Practicum
 PHAS 6110  Research/Master's Project


Clinical Elective Track

Students are required to take 4 hours from the following list of courses:
 Course Name  Credit Hours
 PHAS 5131 Orthopedics  3
 PHAS 5132 Dermatology  2
 PHAS 5133 Ophthalmology  2
 PHAS 5134 Infectious Diseases  2
 PHAS 5135 EKG Interpretation  1
 PHAS 5136 Otolaryngology  2
 PHAS 5219 Cardiology  3
 PHAS 5222 Pulmonology  3
 PHAS 5223 Nephrology/Urology  2
 PHAS 5224 Gastroenterology  2
 PHAS 5227 Hematology/Oncology  2
 PHAS 5311 Pediatrics  2
 PHAS 5312 Obstetrics and Gynecology  2
 PHAS 5313 Endocrinology  2
 PHAS 5314 Neurology  2
 PHAS 5200 Essentials of Psychiatry  2


Teaching Elective Track

This track is under development. Students interested in teaching will want to take the teaching elective track. Students who choose this track are required to complete an additional 1 hour Teaching Practicum. Students in this track will elect 3 credit hours from a series of electives to be developed for this track.