Occupational Therapy Student Policies

Policies and Procedures

The Department of Occupational Therapy follows all AU Policies and Procedures. It is every student’s responsibility to be aware of those policies, as found at the following links:

AU Policies

The Augusta University Student Handbook, including University Policies and Procedures can be located at:

CAHS Policies

The College of Allied Health Sciences Student Policies and Procedures can be located at: http://www.augusta.edu/alliedhealth/current-students.php

Department of Occupational Therapy Policies

Below are the policies specific to the Department of Occupational Therapy:

Policy 1.0 Admissions Requirements
Policy 2.0 Campus Life Services
Policy 3.0 Criminal Conviction/Felony Disclaimer
Policy 4.0 Evacuation
Policy 5.0 Graduation Criteria
Policy 6.0 Immunization Requirements
Policy 7.0 Infection Control and Universal Precautions
Policy 8.0 New Student Orientation
Policy 9.0 Prerequisites
Policy 10.0 Professional Behavior
Policy 11.0 Program Accreditation Status
Policy 12.0 Registration Requirements
Policy 13.0 Student Academic Expectations
Policy 14.0 Student Advisement
Policy 15.0 Student Attendance
Policy 16.0 Student Dress Code
Policy 17.0 Student Email Etiquette
Policy 18.0 Student Laboratory Requirements
Policy 19.0 Student Awards and Honors
Policy 20.0 Student Confidentiality
Policy 21.0 Student Grievances
Policy 22.0 Student Honor Code
Policy 23.0 Student Outcomes Disclosure
Policy 24.0 Student Photo Identification
Policy 25.0 Student Progression
Policy 26.0 Student Records and Privacy
Policy 27.0 Technical Standards & Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities
Policy 28.0 Technology Requirements