Kawa App Based on the Occupational Therapy Kawa River Model, Kawa uses the metaphor of a river to express your life and how it is flowing. Drag, position, and label objects in your river to represent the things that affect you and your life.

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OT At Home App OT at Home is an app designed to provide pediatric occupational therapists easy to access and creative projects to address cognitive, motor, and social skills with the kids they treat. It can be used to create a bridge between the clinic and home environments by providing an accessible resource of activities for caregivers to use at home, under the direction of their child's therapist. This simple tool can be used by the occupational therapist to increase collaboration and overall communication with the caregivers of the children they work with, while at the same time providing families a resource that is user friendly and promotes easy to access, fun activities to do with their children!

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OT Kinesiology App OT Kinesiology Pro Consult is a resource to learn how to correctly and accurately measure joint range of motion. See the movement being measured in clinic, highlighting goniometer placement and the prime muscles involved in an animated 3D skeleton.

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Posture Perfect App Posture Perfect is an app developed for chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, and other fitness professionals that allows you to objectively evaluate posture. This user friendly app will better allow professionals to capture initial posture and measure progress throughout the course of treatment without adding extra time to their evaluation process.

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