Course Forms

Note: The course description/objective are embedded in the forms. Examples for what to do in the two courses are also listed in the form. The grading is the same for the two courses but their course objectives are different.

Instructions for selecting the number of credit hours

Timeline & Forms

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  • By the end of 2nd [2nd] semester  >> 
    • Work with your Advisor to select the courses that are not in your JagTrax. Most of them will be your electives. If you wish to take elective courses that are not listed, explain why you think they will be of benefit to your doctoral training. Email the form to the Advisory Committee ahead of time. Get the members to approve the selections in the first meeting.





  • Within 2-3 weeks after the Comps Oral exam (i.e., shortly past the middle of the semester), submit the written dissertation proposal to the Advisory committee for approval
    • Feedback from the Committee prior to approval may be obtained by submitting a finished draft by the 1st week of the semester (previous semester recommended)
  • Format for dissertation proposal  >>
  • Evaluation form  >>
  • Within 1 week after submitting the written proposal - carry out a presentation to the Advisory Committee 
    • Advisory Committee are expected to read the proposal and prepare questions before the presentation
      • Questions may be given to the student ahead of time

• The oral presentation of the dissertation proposal is not an oral defense like in the formal PhD final doctoral defense in which the presentation is centered around the student's performance, and where some Committee members are known to treat the event as a shooting gallery or an opportunity to roast the student. The student is expected to be well-prepared and Committee should of course rigorously examine the student. However, the tone and mindset of the Committee should be one of conference or discussion, mainly to seek clarification and provide feedback to improve the dissertation proposal. 


  • Note: If you are not taking the Comps exam in the same semester (i.e., the proposal is the only thing you are doing in the semester), you must be registered for the 9210 course (minimum 5 credits per semester)
    • Continue taking 5 credits per semester until your committee passes the proposal, then register for CAHS 9300 in the next semester (refer to the next section)
    • Some students need to register for more credits to meet the requirements of their loan or some other arrangements
      • Let us know how many credits you want to register


• Must be registered for the  CAHS 9210 course (minimum 5 credits per semester) after all coursework have been completed as well as during gap semesters until admission to candidacy



  • Upon approval of dissertation proposal – Advisor to submit notification of student's advancement to doctoral candidacy  >> 
  • Must be registered for 9300 Dissertation until graduation
    • Must have a total of 18 credits by the semester of graduation 
    • Note: Your 9300 Dissertation credits will show as an “IP” grade in your JagTrax. It means “In-progress” while you work to complete your dissertation. You will see that the course is placed in the “insufficient area” section. Do not panic! By the end of the semester in which you successfully defend your dissertation, your Advisor will change the IP grades to “Satisfactory”. This model is used within the Georgia University System
  • Must graduate by the 9th semester of candidacy or 7th year of entry to the PhD program, whichever is earlier
    • Taking time off does not extend the 9th semester of candidacy or 7-year limit



• Must complete the dissertation and graduate by the 9th semester of candidacy (i.e., 3 years)