Augusta University Master of Public Health Program

Our Mission

The Master in Public Health program at Augusta University prepares leaders proficient in the application and dissemination of an interdisciplinary knowledge base and skill set designed to prevent disease, improve health services delivery, and promote the health of populations.

Students of various academic and career backgrounds are brought together to receive advanced education in disease prevention, health services management, and health promotion topics, with special emphasis on research, service, and practice seeking to improve outcomes for diverse groups, organizations, and communities.

Our Values

Consistent with our program mission and the ideals expressed in our institutional value statement, the Augusta University MPH program seeks to implement the following six core values:

Collegiality – We provide a collegial and stimulating environment for didactic and practical experiences that foster student learning and professional development, allowing for creative interdisciplinary collaborations to address emerging and continuing public health problems.

Compassion – We focus on community-centered collaborations to promote the health and wellness of underserved populations, reduce health disparities to prevent disease and promote health in communities, and partner with communities through the development of innovative education and research programs.

Excellence – We offer students a high quality graduate education in public health theory and practice, impart a skill set essential for public health practitioners, and promote excellence in education and training by integrating academics with internship opportunities.

Inclusivity – We respect and promote diversity among faculty, staff, and students; advocate for the inclusion of diverse values, beliefs, orientations, and cultures; and focus research on underserved and diverse populations.

Integrity – We constitute a community to help practitioners, faculty, and students act ethically by committing to standards of personal integrity, collegiality, and excellence in teaching, scholarship, community service, and practice.

Leadership – We prepare leaders who promote the health of populations; train students to master public health skills and develop new insights and innovative solutions for health problems; and foster student and faculty collaboration to conduct timely and relevant public health research.