Mission, Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Radiation Therapy Program Mission, Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

Mission:  The mission of the Radiation Therapy program is to provide educational experiences that produce competent radiation therapists capable of addressing the needs of the changing health care environment.

Goal 1:  Students will be clinically competent Radiation Therapists.
Student Learning Outcomes:
1.1   Students will determine the correct scanning field of view for treatment fields (pilot) for treatment volume localization.
1.2   Students will correctly position patients on the table.
1.3   Students will demonstrate proper use of the principles of patient safety and patient transfer.

Goal 2:  Students will use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Student Learning Outcomes:
2.1   Students will demonstrate adequate knowledge when setting-up a central nervous system (CNS) treatment.
2.2   Students will demonstrate the ability to determine correct IFDs, SSDs and isocenter depths.

Goal 3:  Students will communicate effectively.
Student Learning Outcomes:
3.1   Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
3.2   Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.

Goal 4:  Students will exhibit professional behaviors.
Student Learning Outcomes:
4.1   Students will exhibit a professional attitude.
4.2   Students will exhibit professional integrity.