The Antonio Molini Award

 The Antonio “Tony” Molini Endowment was established by the Nuclear Medicine Technology program at Augusta University and the University Hospital Foundation to provide support for student nuclear medicine technologists who exceed expectations in their dedication and performance in academic and clinical education, and community volunteerism and involvement

 In the spirit of dedication to patient care, his empathetic caring for his fellow man, and his day to day contributions to the NMT profession, the Tony Molini Award is presented annually to a rising senior enrolled in the Augusta University Nuclear Medicine Technology baccalaureate program who emulates the superior qualities of clinical and professional practice demonstrated by Antonio Molini, and performs at a professional level above and beyond the expectations for the average student enrolled in the AU NMT Program.

Tony was a 1980 graduate of the Augusta University NMT Program under the direction of Dr. Wanda M. Hibbard, and he soon became a fixture in the nuclear medicine community of the Central Savannah River Area. He displayed complete professional excellence and an unyielding eye for detail. He was a patient and diligent preceptor to the many students who came through the Augusta University program, encouraging a depth of learning beyond the minimum standards and requirements. Whether as a guide through the complexities of a HIDA patient's laboratory values or a discourse on the ineptitude of setting the camera to shoot a “satellite” view, Tony was unwavering in his advocacy for good nuclear medicine. He led by example and demonstrated what it really means to be a patient advocate. His humanity has been integrated into the program's philosophies, and today's students receive the benefit of his legacy.

Even as Tony faced the end of his life, he remained dedicated to the advancement of health care and medicine. He eagerly participated in experimental treatments, anxious to explain particulars of biochemical processes and rationales that suggested progress and promise. This endowment is established to continue Tony’s legacy through recognition of students who want to provide exemplary nuclear medicine to today’s patients.

We miss you Tony.

Criteria for consideration: 

Presentation of a monetary award to one senior BSRS student enrolled in Augusta Univeristy Nuclear Medicine Technology program at the Augusta campus who meets the criteria outlined below.  If no senior meets the criteria in a given year, no award will be made

  • Minimum academic GPA of 3.5 in the Augusta University NMT professional program, calculated by grades from fall, spring, and summer semester of the junior year.
  • Documentation of clinical performance above and beyond required standards of excellence for academic clinical achievement.
  • Documentation of extracurricular professional involvement through participation in local, state and / or national professional nuclear medicine societies.  Participation in community and professional volunteer activities since high school should also be documented.
  • A letter of support from clinical staff.
  • Student essay of one single-spaced typed page on a topic selected annually by the committee. . 
  • Submission deadline determined annually.

Previous Recipients

2023 - Daizha Outlaw
2022 - Neisys Aguila Gonzalez
2021 - Andrew Johnston
2020 - Ashley Robinson
2019 - Mahogany Ramsey
2017 - Zuleika Hobley
2016 - Ariel Benton
2015 - Donna Siler
2014 - Joshua Byne
2013 - Patricia Buch
2012 - Michael Bosch
2011 - Patrick Jackson
2010 - Anjali Patel
2009 - Haley Rainey
2008 - Mark Jarvis

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