When should I apply?

We encourage you to apply for the programs of your choice no later than October, even though application deadlines aren't until late spring. The NMT program accept applicants on a rolling or first-come, first-served basis. Interviews begin in late fall for qualified B.S.R.S Degree Completion/Bridge applicants and in early winter for the entry level B.S.R.S. program. You may apply even while you have prerequisite coursework in progress. Go ahead - apply today.

I sent my application three weeks ago, and haven't heard anything yet.

The Admissions Office receives and forwards all applications that meet minimum requirements for ALL programs offered at Augusta University. The Medical Laboratory, Imaging, and Radiologic Sciences (MLIRS) programs' pool of applicants is a small part of a very large number. For this reason, YOU will probably want to follow the path of your application once it has been submitted.

We suggest that you stay in touch with the Office of Admissions often, starting about one month after you have mailed your application. The personnel in the office can tell you what they have received and what they are missing.

For the MLIRS department applicant advisor, please call 706-721-4176 or email nmtprogram@augusta.edu.

The Admissions Office hasn't received some of my material.

It's easy for your application to get lost in the shuffle. YOU are the only person who can guarantee timely processing of your application. If the admissions personnel told you that they have not yet received the documentation that is to come from other sources (reference forms, official college transcripts), you'll need to follow up on the status of this information yourself. Call the transcript institutions or reference individuals to see if they have completed the process at their end and mailed the information to Augusta University.

After transcripts are reviewed, your application is forwarded to Nuclear Medicine faculty for consideration.

How can I tell if I have all the courses I need to get into the program(s)?

The MLIRS Admissions Review Committee generally starts receiving applications for the August class from the Augusta University Admissions Office after October 1. Keep close watch over the process to get your application into our hands in a timely fashion, especially if you still need prerequisites. If you are concerned about additional coursework which may need to be taken up to the time that your program begins, we suggest that you first look at the core requirements, and contact the Admissions Office.

The counselors in the Admissions Office determine what courses remain to be taken and what courses are acceptable for transfer. This is not determined by the program faculty. Remember, we won't see your application until it is complete and forwarded to us by the Admissions Office. Also, please be aware that Admissions will only conduct a transcript evaluation after you have completed an online application.

If I complete all prerequisite course work and meet minimum criteria, will I be guaranteed acceptance to a Department of Medical Laboratory, Imaging and Radiologic Sciences?

Completion of all prerequisite requirements qualifies you for consideration for an interview, it does NOT guarantee acceptance to one of the Nuclear Medicine Technology programs. Applications submitted early get an early look. Interviews generally begin in late fall and, in the case of a large applicant pool, the class is frequently accepted by May 1.

When will I know if I've been accepted?

Appropriately prepared applicants may be called for interviews. Because the program accepts applicants on a rolling basis you will be notified of acceptance shortly after the interview.

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