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The Student Clinical Laboratory Science Association (SCLSA) at Augusta University is a recognized professional organization under the Student Government Association (SGA) (, an entity of Augusta University Student Life & Engagement.

The purpose of the SCLSA at Augusta University:

  • Represent the interest of the CLS undergraduate student body in all affairs;
  • Serve as a liaison between CLS students, faculty, and the administration of SGA at Augusta University;
  • Promote the CLS profession of Augusta University and its students to the surrounding communities;
  • Represent the CLS student body to campus, university, state, and national bodies;
  • Resolve CLS student concerns by working through the SGA to make policy changes in the interest of the student body.

The SCLSA has a set of adopted bylaws to assist the organization in policy making decisions (see link - ???).   The charter of the SCLSA must be renewed annually through the SGA by the organization.  A faculty advisor will be appointed for the organization.

Membership in the SCLSA is required.   The organization collects dues each semester that students are enrolled in the program.   The organization also conducts fundraising events.  Proceeds from fundraising events are used to support student activities such as travel to local and regional events related to the profession.  

All CLS students are also members of the American Clinical Laboratory Science Association (ASCLS) at both the state and national levels.   The department of Undergraduate Health Professions (UHP) pays for first year dues to the ASCLS.   After that, students are responsible for maintaining dues on a yearly basis to this organization.  

Click here for a copy of the bylaws.



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