Preparing for Registration

New Students

New students admitted to Augusta University who are identified as freshmen or sophomores will receive their first semester’s schedule from their Academic Advisor.

Below is the process new students will complete prior to receiving their first semester schedule:
  • New students will apply for undergraduate admission to Augusta University.
  • Once accepted, students will have access to an application portal where they will be able to complete admissions requirements via a checklist process. Students will ensure all holds are addressed prior to registration. One common hold all new students will need to satisfy is called the Lawful Presence Verification hold. Students can satisfy this hold by submitting a proof of lawful residence (such as a driver's ID) to the appropriate office. To see a list of holds, their description, how it affects you, and how to resolve it, visit the holds information page.  
  • Students will be required to sign up for the New Student Orientation.
  • Once signed up for the orientation, students will have access to a New Jaguar Survey located in the application portal.
  • Students must complete the online orientation modules before a schedule can be created for them.
  • Once a student has submitted their New Jaguar Survey, the student’s Academic Advisor will create a schedule based on the information from the New Jaguar Survey and the student’s transcripts.
    • Students should ensure that their most recent transcripts have been sent to Augusta University Office of Admissions.
    • For example, if a transfer student has applied for fall admission, has submitted their final spring transcript but has enrolled in summer classes at their current institution, the student should inform their AU Academic Advisor of what courses they are planning to take and should submit a new, updated transcript with final summer grades to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as they can after completing the courses.
  • Once a student’s schedule has been created, the Academic Advisor will send a welcome email to the student’s email confirming that their schedule is available for review.
  • Students will continue to work with their Academic Advisor to make adjustments to their first semester schedule as necessary.

Continuing Students

Continuing students advised in the Academic Advisement Center are required to meet with their Academic Advisor for formal advising at least once each semester.

Students may notice an “Academic Advisement Advisee” hold on their account. This hold is placed on the account of every student advised through the Academic Advisement Center. It is solely for identification purposes and indicates that you are a student advised in our center. The hold does not block your registration; however, if you attempt to register without meeting with your advisor first, you will have no course options to schedule and thus, will not be permitted to register.

There is nothing you need to do to clear the hold. Once you reach 60 completed credit hours, the hold will be removed and you will go to your major department for academic advisement. For students in pre-admit programs, you must be accepted into the program before we can remove the hold.

Generally, continuing students are advised ...
  • For the Summer/Fall semester just after MLK day in January
  • For the Spring semester just after Labor day in September

Students will receive an email from their Academic Advisor to their email address with instructions and an appointment scheduling link to schedule an appointment for next term advisement.

Note: Students advised in academic departments (60+ credit hours with the exception of pre-admit programs) will receive communication from their major department about the next term advisement process and schedule.

Once a student has been advised, courses will be added to the students' plan in JagTrax. The student will then have access to create a schedule in Schedule Planner. After creating a schedule in Schedule Planner, the student can send their preferred schedule to the Schedule Planner Shopping Cart where it will be saved until registration day. Keep in mind, sending a schedule to the shopping cart does not guarantee you a seat in any of the saved courses. On registration day, you will be able to submit your saved schedule for registration; however, you may need to make adjustments based on course and seat availability at the time of your registration.

Instructions for creating your schedule, registering, making adjustments and wait listing are listed below under "Registration Steps for Academic Advisement Students."

Dual Enrolled Students

In order to allow Dual Enrolled (DE) high school students the flexibility to select course times that work with their other activities but also ensure that they only register for courses that have been approved by their high schools and are on the approved Dual Enrollment Program list, Academic Advisors in the Academic Advisement Center (AAC) enter all approved courses in JagTrax on the Plans tab for each student by term.

The students are advised by their high school guidance counselors. The students are processed for admission through the Office of Academic Admissions. Admissions maintains all Participation Agreements required by the Dual Enrollment Program.  The AAC is responsible for facilitating the registration process by entering the courses in JagTrax and confirming any necessary course permissions in Banner.

For information about Dual Enrollment, visit the Office of Admissions, Dual Enrollment webpage here.

For additional questions regarding the dual enrollment registration process, contact Jessica Lawler at or Jessica Rodriguez at

Registration Steps for Academic Advisement Students

Remember, to register for your next term courseS, you must meet with your assigned Academic Advisor. Your advisor enters your course options into your JagTrax account, allowing you to register through Schedule Planner.

If you try to access Schedule Planner without meeting with your advisor, your course options will be blank.

You will use Schedule Planner for all registration and schedule adjustment needs until you are no longer advised by the Academic Advisement Center.

How do I create my schedule?

Log into POUNCE.




To ensure the best results, select the following:

    • Term:     Spring 2022
    • Course Type:      Open and Full with Waitlist Open
      • In order to wait list yourself for a currently closed section of a course, you must select this course type option.
    • Campuses:       All Campuses
      • Do not select any campuses as the Schedule Planner will only show you the options for the Augusta campus; deselecting options may skew the generated results.
    • Part of Term:      All Parts of Term

Courses from your JagTrax Planner do not automatically update to the homepage. You will need to manually "Add Course(s)" (previously discussed with your advisor) to your homepage, by:

    • Click ADD COURSES.
    • Select all courses you wish to generate a schedule for
    • Click ADD.
    • Click BACK.

Next to each course is an OPTIONS icon. Using the OPTIONS icon, you can select sections that meet your time, location, and professor preferences.

You may find it useful to compare the sections listed in Schedule Planner with those listed in the Schedule of Classes, as the planner does not show course restrictions and does not update seat availability in live time. 

Once you have selected the sections you wish to generate schedules with, click SAVE and CONTINUE.

Breaks are optional but can be useful for blocking out certain periods of time during your day/week where you are working, involved in a collegiate sport, or simply just want an hour break between classes. 

It is best practice not to put too many breaks into the system as it will significantly limit how many schedule options are available to you.

To add a break ...

    • Click ADD BREAK.
    • Enter the days nad times for your break.
    • Click SAVE and CONTINUE.
  • Hover over the magnifying glass icons next to each schedule option to view the schedule at a glance.
  • Click VIEW next to a schedule for a more in-depth view of a schedule.
  • Aim for a balance schedule with time in-between classes for pre-, study, travel, meals, etc.

Note: some classes like wellness, lab sciences, math, psychology, etc. meet on different campuses and will require at minimum 50 minutes of travel time between them. Pay very close attention to which campuses you are selecting as the system will not prevent you from registering for classes on two campuses back-to-back though you will receive a message from the Registrar to adjust your schedule later.

Click SEND TO SHOPPING CART when viewing your preferred schedule. 

The shopping cart DOES NOT reserve your place in the course. It bookmarks your classes for registration.


How do I register for classes?

All students have a registration time ticket in which you are eligible to register for classes. Before registration opens, you should check your registration status by:

    • Logging into POUNCE
    • Click STUDENT
    • Check to see if you have any holds that might block registration.

Note: An ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT ADVISEE hold will NOT block registration as long as you have met with your assigned advisor and have courses for next term entered into your JagTrax account.

If you created your schedule prior to your registration date, remember that your schedule should have been from Schedule Planner to your Schedule Planner Registration Cart. To access your registration cart,

    • Log into POUNCE
    • Click STUDENT
    • Click REGISTER

If a desired class is full, it will display on the bottom of the page as a registration add error. If you choose, you can add yourself to the waitlist for a course.

    • Click the dropdown Action Menu next to the closed course you wish to waitlist.
    • Select WAIT LIST.
    • Click SUBMIT CHANGES at the bottom of the page.


How do I adjust my schedule?

Before dropping a course you were advised to take, always consult your Academic Advisor. Dropping a course could have a significant impact on your degree progression. Dropping a course can also have financial implications.

After speaking with your advisor, to drop a course ...

    • Log into POUNCE
    • Click STUDENT
    • Next to the course you want to drop click the Action Menu
    • Select WEB DROP

To change a section of a course, you will first need to drop the originally registered section by following the instructions above for dropping a registered course. 

    • Then, log into SCHEDULE PLANNER
    • Under courses, click the options icon next to the course you want to change and select your desired section.
    • On the homepage, you will see three areas: COURSES, CURRENT SCHEDULE, and SHOPPING CART.
      • Under COURSES, select ONLY the class you want to add to your schedule.
      • Leave CURRENT SCHEDULE selected/checked.
      • Under SHOPPING CART, deselect all courses (this does not drop you from any of your currently registered courses).
    • Click VIEW next to your preferred schedule
    • Click REGISTER
  • Contact your Academic Advisor to have a new course entered into your planner.
  • In the COURSES section, click ADD COURSE
  • Select the newly added course
  • Click ADD
  • Click BACK
  • On the home page, you will see three areas: COURSES, CURRENT SCHEDULE, and SHOPPING CART
    • Under COURSES, select ONLY the class you want to add to your schedule.
    • Under CURRENT SCHEDULE, keep all courses selected.
    • Under SHOPPING CART, deselect all courses (this does not drop you from any of your currently registered courses).
    • Click VIEW next to your preferred schedule
    • Click REGISTER


How do I move off of a wait list?

While you wait on a seat, confirm any pre-requisites/special permissions/holds are satisfied in the system so that you can register yourself promptly when the email is sent.

Check your AU email regularly for notification that a seat has opened for you in a course for which you wait listed. You have 24 hours from the time that email was sent to register for the course. After that time, the system drops you and moves on to the next person on the wait list.

  • Log into POUNCE
  • Click STUDENT
  • Next to your wait listed course, click the dropdown ACTION menu

Fall 2021 Registration Steps