Preparing for Registration



Selecting Your Classes

Selecting of your classes begins with a review of the Academic Plan that you created with your advisor (see Planning Your Academic Life). JAGTRAX, Augusta University's degree audit program in POUNCE, allows you to see the courses you need with brief course descriptions and any prerequisite details. Most students work on the What's Core in their first terms as many of these basic freshmen/sophomore classes serve as prerequisites and/or preparation for upper-level coursework.

Make an appointment to see your advisor and bring a list of your target classes along with any questions that you have gleaned from your review. This appointment should be well in advance of registration to allow ample time for any follow up (e.g. placement testing, special permissions, major specific issues, etc.). Be sure to make good use of your academic advisor – ask questions, share concerns, celebrate accomplishments.

If you need help with building a balanced schedule, just ask. Keep your plan to graduate on time in focus – target 15-16 credit hours each term toward your degree. Use a WORKSHEET to organize your registration information.



Registering Your Classes

Registering for your classes begins after your registration window opens and continues until registration ends for that opportunity. Your worksheet should list course request numbers (CRN), target course abbreviations with section letters (for example, ENGL1101 A), and course meeting day/times. Confirm that your target classes have open seats and any special conditions or permissions have been met. List some alternate classes to substitute for an unavailable target.

If you prepared well, registration itself should be simple. For students advised in the Academic Advisement Center, follow directions on your AA WORKSHEET. Students register in different ways – on-line through POUNCE, through special program methods, or in person. Confirm with your advisor how you register.

The “Week At A Glance” option in the POUNCE registration menu is a good way to see how your registered classes fit into your daily life and to confirm this is your intended schedule. Use a copy to help locate class sites, identify sections for textbook purchasing and to begin building a study plan (see Succeeding In College).



Paying For Your Classes

Paying for your classes by the due date is key to securing your registration. If you are counting on financial aid assistance, be sure to confirm the amount that is in place, that any special requirements have been met, and that you are prepared to pay for any remaining balance by the due date. (Check your Financial Aid on-line in POUNCE; see Augusta University Controller site for details on fees.)

If you have planned and prepared, then payment following registration is simply checking the “Pay by Financial Aid, Credit Card or Check” option in the registration menu and clearing any balance due utilizing the options at the bottom of that screen.