Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies (MAISS)



The MAISS is designed to provide students with a practical and theoretical understanding of current and future intelligence and security challenges facing our nation. The program seeks to expose future decision makers and analysts, military members, and students considering a PhD to the intelligence and security challenges inherent in a rapidly changing world. Our program has a special emphasis on the causes and effects of inter- and intrastate conflict, the sources of terrorism, terrorism and counterterrorism strategies, and security issues that affect national, regional, and global security.


Spring 2019 Entry: November 1

Fall 2019 Entry: March 31

Fall 2018 Entry: June 15

NOTE: All required application materials and documents must be received in order for an application to be considered complete and before an admission decision can be made. Applications and supporting materials received after the program deadline will only be considered on a space-available basis.

NOTE: Early submission of all application materials is strongly advised.


Campus: Main-Augusta

Program Delivery: Hybrid: Primarily combination delivery consisting of 8-week courses in which the first and last classes are in-person on the Summerville Campus with the remainder of classes conducted online..


Completed Online Application

Application Fee: $50

GPA: Admission to the program requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale.

Minimum Degree Requirement:  Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. To be used to satisfy degree requirements, evaluation of foreign educational transcripts must show degree earned that is the U.S. equivalency of degree required by the program.

Official Transcripts: Official transcripts are required from all universities and colleges ever attended. Only in the case of transcripts from international colleges/universities will an official course-by-course transcript evaluation be accepted in lieu of an official transcript. Official transcripts should be sent to Augusta University's Office of Academic Admissions. To remain official, all transcripts must remain in the original, unopened, sealed and stamped/signed envelope from the Registrar's office of the issuing institution. Alternatively, Augusta University will accept official electronic transcripts from the registrar's office at your prior institution. Electronic transcripts should be directed to

Transcript/Credential Evaluation of Foreign Transcripts: An official, professional course-by-course evaluation based on official transcripts and documents is required for all foreign educational transcripts and documents from one of the following three credentials evaluation services: Josef Silny & Associates, Inc., World Education Services (WES), Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE). Silny and WES are recommended. Official transcript evaluations based on unofficial transcripts, documents or copies will not fulfill this requirement. 

References: Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic abilities and/or employment experience. Referees should be individuals qualified to critically assess the applicant's prior academic (usually college professors), employment, artistic, research and/or clinical experience (clinical or research supervisor/manager) and qualifications (as applicable) as well as the applicant's potential as a graduate student in the field/program selected. The letters should address the applicant's work ethic, ability to communicate orally and in writing, and moral character as well as the capacity in which the writer knows the applicant. References from academics should address the applicant’s ability to perform graduate-level coursework. If the applicant has not been enrolled in an accredited academic program within the last two years, at least one letter must come from an academic.

Graduate reference forms and letters of recommendation can be submitted online only. As part of the online application process, applicants provide the names and current email addresses for three individuals they have asked to serve as their referees. Once the online application is submitted, each referee will receive an email notification directing him/her to the online site where he/she can complete the reference form and submit his/her letter of recommendation. To change a referee after the application has been submitted, the applicant is instructed to log into his/her ApplyWeb (CollegeNet) account and update the name and current email address for the referee. Status updates of your referees' submissions will be provided to you directly from ApplyWeb (CollegeNet).  

Standardized Tests:

GRE Requirement: Test scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) taken within 5 years of the date of application. All GRE scores must be official and submitted to Augusta University's Office of Academic Admissions directly from the Education Testing Service (ETS) and must be less than five years old. The institution code for submission of GRE scores to Augusta University is 5406. Please do not select a department code.

  • The GRE requirement may be waived for individuals meeting one of the following requirements below:

An earned doctorate degree from an accredited United States university

An earned Master’s degree from an accredited United States university

An applicant who has a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher

An applicant who has a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.85 or higher and 5+ years of relevant experience (eg. Military intelligence, linguist or analyst industries, cyber related, or strategic language fluency)

NOTE: Cumulative undergraduate and graduate GPA's are based on the Office of Academic Admissions(OAA) calculation using the Georgia Board of Regent's standards. A GRE waiver will not be granted until ALL official transcripts have been received by OAA and cumulative GPA's have been calculated and confirmed. Please be sure to verify that your OAA calculation of cumulative GPA's meets the requirement of this waiver. If the calculation of cumulative GPA's does not meet the minimum cumulative GPA's for this waiver, then you will be required to submit official GRE test scores. Meeting conditions of this waiver is not an indication of acceptance into the program.

  • TOEFL Exam Scores: Official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test scores are required for applicants whose first language is not English.
    • All official TOEFL scores must be official and submitted to Augusta University directly from Education Testing Service (ETS) and must be less than two years old. The Augusta University institution code for submission of TOEFL scores is 5406. Please do not select a department code.
    • Exemption from the TOEFL requirement is allowed for graduate students who submit proof of earning a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college/university where English is the language of instruction.
    • Minimum scores:
      • 213 computer-based,
      • 79 internet-based, or:
      • 550 paper-based (PBT) for test takers who took the PBT prior to October 2017, and were scored on the old scoring scale of 310-677
      • No minimum for the revised paper-delivered test (PDT) taken on or after October 2017, and scored on the new scoring scale of 0-30 for each section (Listening, Reading and Writing).

Proof of Lawful Presence: In accordance with Board of Regents Policy 4.1.6, all applicants for admission to Augusta University are required to provide validation of lawful presence in the United States. Acceptance to the Augusta University is conditional until lawful presence is verified. ALL applicants who are U.S. Citizens must submit documentation that verifies his/her lawful presence in the United States at time of application to

Testing and Disability Services: The Office of Disability  Services provides a variety of services and accommodations to meet the needs of disability related concerns in accordance with the Americans with Disability Act – Amended Act (2008), the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and Board of Regents' policies. Accommodations for students with disabilities are made on an Individual basis. For more information please visit The Testing and Disability Services website at or contact them at


  • While every effort is made to maintain this information as current, it may be subject to change. Please check with Augusta University's Office of Academic Admission for recent updates.
  • Substitutions and/or waivers of minimum requirements must first be supported and approved at the program level and then formally approved by the Dean of The Graduate School.
  • Applications deferred to another semester are subject to all admission requirements and program requirements in effect for the semester to which they are deferred.
  • A current resume: The resume should include at a minimum the applicant’s full contact information and post-secondary academic and work histories. 



Graduate students are admitted through a cooperative effort between The Office of Academic Admissions, The Graduate School (TGS; program’s administrative home) and the colleges or departments that offer TGS graduate degree or certificate programs (program’s academic home). TGS graduate programs enjoy a significant amount of autonomy to make admissions recommendations, while The Graduate School provides oversight to help set and ensure high academic standards in making the final decision. Admission to TGS graduate programs is a multi-step process:

Applications and references are submitted via the ApplyWeb (CollegeNet) online systems. Completed applications and references will be transferred from CollegeNet systems to Augusta University’s Office of Academic Admissions (OAA) for processing into the Augusta University electronic applicant database system.  Programs will have access to applicant’s files and documents only after OAA has officially processed them into the Augusta University electronic applicant database system. 

Application materials and documents (e.g. transcripts, proof of degree, transcript evaluations, etc.) are submitted directly to and processed through Augusta University’s OAA:

Augusta University

The Office of Academic Admissions  

1120 15th Street, Benet House

Augusta, GA 30912 

Applicants can monitor OAA’s receipt and processing of their application and application documents into the Augusta University system using the online status check.  Application decisions will not be made until all official documents have been received and processed into the Augusta University’s electronic applicant database system by Augusta University’s OAA.

The program/academic college for which you are applying will review your Graduate School application and supporting documents.  Interviews will be scheduled and considered, as applicable to individual programs. Taken together, the whole of your application should demonstrate substantial preparation for graduate study in the field for which you are seeking admittance.

Exceptions and/or waivers of minimum requirements must first be supported and approved at the program level and then formally approved by the Dean of The Graduate School.

Upon recommendation of the program/academic college, The Graduate School will review your credentials and applicant profile and make a formal, official decision for your admittance. Official notice of your admission can only come from the dean of The Graduate School via notification from Augusta University’s Office of Academic Admission.

Upon acceptance, please submit your Admissions Acceptance Contract and official final transcripts, if necessary to the address below or electronically to

Technical Standards (next step for accepted applicants): For accepted applicants to qualify for enrollment into, retention in and graduation from academic programs in The Graduate School, an individual must satisfy certain technical standards.

View Technical Standards 

Individual programs may have additional specific standards that also must be met. Please contact your program directly for additional program specific technical standards requirements.

Augusta University

The Office of Academic Admissions  

1120 15th Street, Benet House

Augusta, Georgia 30912 

Immunizations must be submitted to Student Health prior to enrollment.

Financial Aid