FAQs: Application Process

All prospective freshman applying through CommonApp should check their application status through our new applicant portal! If applying through GA Futures as a freshman, please check your status here!

In order to retrieve your university account and email address, you must have applied for admission to Augusta University.  Documents will be processed in the order in which they are received, and will be entered in our system based upon their postmark date.

You may find the application deadlines for the various programs (both undergraduate and graduate) on the Dates & Deadlines page.

The Transfer Equivalency Guide is a great resource to use when transferring credits to Augusta University.

Our schedule of tuition and fees is available online

If no preferred major is indicated on your application you will be classified as an undeclared major. Your records will be assigned to the Academic Advising Center.

All courses that are transferrable are included in the calculation for undergraduate applicants. For most graduate programs, we use every course, transferrable or not, to calculate the GPA.

To calculate a grade point average, convert grades to quality points. Multiply the letter grades' values by the number of credit hours attempted in each course. Letter grades have the following values:

  • A = 4
  • B = 3
  • C = 2
  • D = 1
  • F = 0

*I, W, S, U, V, K, and NR are not included in a GPA*

For example, a B in a 3-hour course equals 9 quality points (3x3=9); a B in a 1-hour course equals 3 quality points (3x1=3). Add all the quality points. Add all the hours attempted (except classes with W). Divide total quality points by total hours attempted.  The quotient, truncated to 2 decimal places, is the GPA.

FAQS: Financial Aid

Financial Aid is located in Fanning Hall on the Summerville campus.  Follow these simple steps when applying for financial aid.

Scholarship applications are located on a scholarship portal. For more information, visit the portal.

Individual colleges and majors may also have scholarships available. Please consult with your academic department for program-specific scholarships.

A list of national scholarships also exists on Fastweb.

FAQs: General

The Office of Academic Admissions is available to help via email, telephone, and walk in traffic Monday through Friday from 8AM-5PM.

You can use our online, mobile-friendly campus maps!

Yes, Augusta University has housing!  Check out our brand new residence halls!

New students must log in to their Augusta University email account before they can log in to POUNCE, Augusta University's online student information system.

Students without a Social Security Number on file with Academic Admissions will not have an Augusta University NetID/Email assigned until the SSN has been submitted.  Please call 706-737-1632 to provide this information.

The initial JagID password will be: last initial (capitalized) + SSN (no spaces or dashes) + and exclamation point (!).  

For example:  John Doe, (SSN: 123-45-6789) would be D123456789!