Graduate high school with a head start on college!

Dual Enrollment students are able to take classes that count towards their high school curriculum while also earning college-level credits. Academically accelerated students who are prepared for this challenge are invited to learn more about this exciting opportunity below.





 Application Deadlines



application opens
February 15

priority deadline
April 1

final deadline
May 1


application opens
February 15

priority deadline
April 1

final deadline
July 1


application opens
September 15

priority deadline
October 1

final deadline
December 1

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Student Eligibility

  • Successful completion of the 10th grade is required. Students must also be classified as a high school junior or senior by the first day of the term in which they plan to enroll.

  • Students must be on-track for completing the 17 units of the University System of Georgia’s Required High School Curriculum (RHSC).

  • Students must also meet the following course criteria:

    • English: Two units of RHSC English must be successfully completed prior to the start of the Dual Enrollment term; and,
    • Math: High school Algebra II or the equivalent must be successfully completed prior to the start of the Dual Enrollment term.
      • Math course placement is based on GPA and standardized test scores


Requirements for Dual Enrollment Admission


Admissions Application Process

To apply for Dual Enrollment, the following documentation must be sent to the Augusta University Office of Academic Admissions.

Admissions Application   

The Undergraduate application is used for students applying to be a Dual Enrollment student.

Please note that the application fee is waived for Dual Enrollment applicants. To submit a completed application, students will choose the Pay Later or Fee Waiver option on the Payment Screen. The submission of a Fee Waiver Code is not required.

*If a student completes the application before receiving the fee waiver and pays a cost, it cannot be refunded. 

CommonApp cannot be used to apply as a Dual Enrollment Student.

Transcripts should be sent electronically from the high school using an official service such as GAFutures. Transcript can also be mailed to:

Augusta University
Office of Academic Admissions
1120 15th Street, Benet
Augusta, GA 30912

Official score reports are those sent directly to Augusta University from the testing agency. Scores should be received prior to the appropriate application deadline. The following are the Institutional Codes for Augusta University:

SAT/AP/CLEP:  5406
ACT: 0836

Students wishing to take a course with a prerequisite requirement will need to submit official AP/IB exam score reports prior to registration.

Students must apply for Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Funding Program via GAFutures if they wish to receive state funding. Once the student has completed their portion of the funding form, the student’s parent/guardian will need to complete the Parent Participation Agreement section.

Students who are not eligible for Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Funding Program will need to complete a Dual and Joint Enrollment Course Approval Information.

A new Parent Participation Agreement is required each academic year (summer, fall, and spring semesters). The upcoming academic year application is released in February of each year in GAFutures.

Visit the Verification of Lawful Presence webpage for more information.

Additional Information

Dual Enrollment Course Information

Both the Dual Enrollment Directory and AU Course Schedule tool can be used to help students identify which courses are funded through Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Funding Program as well as when and in what format they will be offered for any given semester.

Dual Enrollment Funding

The state of Georgia provides funding to students who are dually enrolled at a participating public or private high school, or home study program in Georgia, and a participating eligible postsecondary institution in Georgia. More information can be found on the GAFutures website hosted by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC).

Final Grades

Upon completion of each semester, the Registrar’s Office will provide grades directly to the student’s high school. Please note that numeric grades are not provided.

Accepted Students

Student Account

Upon receiving an acceptance packet, students should log into their Augusta University email account and student POUNCE account with their username and password found on the acceptance letter.
Access Your Accounts


Accepted Dual Enrollment Students must attend orientation. Check your official acceptance packet for orientation information.

Books, course-related fees, parking passes, and other pertinent information will be covered at Dual Enrollment orientation.

Course Registration

Registration information will be provided during the Dual Enrollment Welcome. Students must meet with their HS Counselor and complete the Welcome before being able to register for classes.

Approved Dual Enrollment Program courses.

How to Register Guide

Immunization Forms

Dual Enrollment students will be required to submit immunization documents to Student Health Services and complete an online TB questionnaire.

Accepted Students