Academic Coaching

meet with an academic coach TO...

  • Sharpen your learning or life management skills, including: College reading, Managing stress, Motivation and focus, Communicating with instructors, Test-taking strategies, and Time management
  • Improve your academic performance
  • Alleviate the pressure felt from academics


  1. Complete the online Coaching form and fill out the form electronically. 
  2. Once the form is completed, you can click the box at the top-right corner to submit the form by e-mail OR you can email the form directly to

How does academic coaching work?

Initial coaching appointments typically last 45 minutes. At the first appointment, you will have an academic success consultation with a professional Academic Coordinator. He/she will assess your needs, recommend a success plan, and assign you to a peer academic coach for follow-up.

A success plan may include:

  • Follow-up appointments
  • Referrals to academic support services
  • Assignments designed to develop effective learning strategies or time management skills

If a follow-up session is needed, your progress will be monitored during the semester and works with you on various success strategies.

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