The mission of the Department of Social Science is to conduct innovative social research and empower our students to contribute to a better society. We seek to explore and reveal how society and culture shape human lives, attitudes, and actions. We strive to make our students more effective and valuable as citizens, scholars, and professionals through teaching the skills of social analysis, research, writing, and social action.

Students who pursue the BA in Sociology learn sociological concepts and theories that help them to analyze and understand basic social structures and the reciprocal relations among individuals, small groups, organizations, and the societies in which they are embedded. They develop an understanding of social institutions (e.g., family, religion, education, polity), social processes (e.g., social psychology, social change, urbanization, globalization), deviance and social control, or social stratification and multiculturalism (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, religion), while cultivating appropriate sociological and scientific values. They learn to recognize strengths and weaknesses in qualitative and quantitative analyses, discuss ethical issues that can arise in the course of research, and practice critical thinking and communication skills that prepare them for graduate study and a wide range of careers.

Degree Offerings


Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology


Minor in Sociology