The coursework for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) involves four years of rigorous training. During the first two years of medical school, students are immersed in core basic sciences. The third- and fourth-years of medical school offer students exposure to a wide variety of clinical areas, helping them best determine which specialty they want to continue training in after graduation. Students are offered opportunities to do both collaborative and independent research throughout medical school. MCG’s innovative curriculum, includes team- and problem-based learning and incorporates the latest medical technology, including a four-year ultrasound curriculum.

Educational opportunities are enhanced through dual degree programs, including the MD/MBA; MD/MPH and MD/PhD programs. The MD/MBA program expands the academic diversity of physician graduates by integrating their study of medicine with business management training; whereas, the MD/MPH program allows students to combine their medical school work with public health-focused course work and community service. The University System of Georgia’s MD/PhD  program trains students in the research and clinical skills that will enable graduates to translate research findings into clinical outcomes.

Degree Offerings


Doctor of Medicine


MD/MBA Program


MD/PhD Program


MD/MPH Program