Augusta University Senate Governance and Communication Committee


Committee Charge:

The Governance and Communication Committee will collaborate with Augusta University colleges as appropriate to oversee issues of shared governance, to conduct and validate secure elections to the University Senate, and to facilitate communication among faculty.  The Committee will keep all college governance structures informed as to elections and Senate membership.

The Committee will provide avenues which allow faculty to communicate with the Committee and the Senate on all issues related to shared governance.

Mike Dugan, Chair
Paulette Harris, Liaison

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences  
Liana Babayan 2015-2017

Giada Biasetti 2017-2019

College of Allied Health Sciences  
M.J. Weintraub (Secretary) 2017-2019

Judith Anglin 2016-2018

College of Business  
Michael Dugan 2015-2017

John Krautheim 2016-2018

Dental College of Georgia  
Ahmed El-Marakby 2016-2018

Martha Brackett 2015-2017

College of Education  

Juan Walker 2015-2017

Denise Lenares-Solomon 2016- 2018


The Graduate School
Andrew Kemp 2017-2019
College of Nursing    
Penny Noto 2016-2018
Corey Petterson 2017-2019
College of Science and Mathematics  
Chris Bates 2017-2019

Chris Sligar 2016-2018

University Libraries  
Ansley Stuart 2017-2019

Fay Verburg 2016-2018

Medical College of Georgia  
Deepak Kapoor 2017-2019
Ramses Sadek 2017-2019