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For the past several years the University has witnessed enthusiastic growth in Augusta University's Study Abroad program. The zeal students have shown for international travel is due largely to the Faculty who invested their time, talent and expertise to bring new dimensions to subjects that traditionally have been taught in the classroom.

Since the inception of Study Abroad, faculty have returned from all points of the world full of practical advice of what worked, and perhaps more importantly, what didn't. It is out of these conversations that the Home Page for Study Abroad was born. In addition, the state has steadfastly informed the Study Abroad office of new administrative, legal and risk management concerns as they have emerged. Designed to keep things simple for Faculty interested in leading a Study Abroad program, the Faculty Home Page for Study Abroad will help faculty stay in compliance with rules and regulations as they plan their Study Abroad programs, without losing sleep. Take time to explore this site. The reference guide has been updated, and templates have been created to help you develop your program proposals and program budgets. And this is just the beginning...

Please continue to give us your feedback. We remain eager to hear of your explorations! 
Proposals are due April 1 of the preceding year.

Forms and Information

It is recommended that you download the Augusta University Program Proposal Form to complete it. Adobe Reader 10.1.3 or later is recommended, available here. Once the form is complete, submit it via email to

If you are using a Mac and having trouble with the form, please read this from Adobe.

Faculty Registration:

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