Re-Recognize Your Club

Each academic year every existing student organization is required to re-recognize and update their information. This allows the Student Life and Engagement Office to keep up-to-date records of all the involvement opportunities for incoming students.

In order to re-recognize your club, you must fill out the online Recognition Form and update the following:

  • Update current officer information.
  • Update a current roster of active members.
  • Update your constitution and bylaws.
  • Update your advisor agreement and information. If you need an advisor agreement form, please Click Here.
  • Attend the annual student organization training in September or January.

The annual re-recognition period starts on the first day of classes each fall and spring semester and must be completed by the last day of September or January.

Need help updating your information? Contact us. 

Any organization that does not complete the re-recognition process within the given timeline will no longer be a recognized student club of Augusta University until such time they complete the required paperwork. (Note: any organization failing to re-recognize for five (5) academic years will be completely removed from the Student Life & Engagement system.)