Eligibility and Fees


The Student Health Fees are as follows:

These semester fees support the Student Health clinic to provide professional, accessible and cost-effective primary care services to Augusta University students.

If you are enrolled and have paid the Augusta University Student Health (SH) Fee for the semester, you are entitled to most provider visits at no charge. If you have not paid this fee, you will be required to pay a $25 clinic access fee for each visit. Our staff of providers includes Physicians, Physician Assistants and a Clinical Nurse Practitioner.

If you have graduated, you are no longer eligible to receive services at Augusta University Student Health. If you are enrolled in the student insurance plan, please go to  www.uhcsr.com/gru to locate an in-network provider. 

The Augusta University Student Health fee is not a health insurance plan. Please be aware that there are services that are NOT covered by the Student Health fee. Additional fees are charged for medications, immunizations, laboratory services, diagnostic procedures, minor procedures, equipment, physical therapy visits, pap visits, physicals, travel consults. If any lab results are abnormal, additional testing will be automatically run based on sound medical practice. You will be responsible for any of these service charges.

Please click on the following link to review the charges of the most frequently ordered services. Please contact our office at 706-721-3448 or ask our receptionist for other service charges not listed.


If you are insured under the Augusta University student insurance plan, any services received will be billed to the plan. You are responsible for any charges that the plan does not cover.

If you have a private insurance plan, Augusta University Student Health is not an in-network provider. If you have labwork drawn that will require an outside lab for processing, the lab of your choice will bill your insurance plan. All other charges are your responsibility. Upon your request, Augusta University Student Health will provide you with an invoice so you can file the charges to your insurance plan. Augusta University Student Health cannot guarantee that your insurance plan will reimburse you.

If you are insured under Tricare or Medicaid, Augusta University Student Health is not an in-network provider. These plans will not pay for any service charges at Augusta University Student Health and you will be responsible for all charges incurred.

If you are uninsured, you will be responsible for all charges incurred.

All out-of-pocket expenses will be applied to your POUNCE account or must be paid at check-out if you do not have a POUNCE account.