Exogenous ketones on cognitive performance

Study Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of pre-exercise exogenous ketone supplementation on physical and cognitive performance in healthy college-aged males and females. The results of our proposed study will allow us to determine whether exogenous ketone supplementation can be useful as a performance enhancement supplement for athletes who utilize several energy systems in conjunction with a necessity to maintain high cognitive efficiency during training or competitions, such as soccer, wrestling, or football, and/or individuals with physically and mentally-demanding jobs, such as firefighters.

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Principal Investigator: Angelia Holland

Eligibility Criteria: Inclusion criteria: Males and Females Aged 18-35 Recreationally active Apparently healthy BMI between 18.5-29.9 Exclusion criteria: Taking cardiovascular or mental related medications Sedentary lifestyle according to American College of Sports Medicine guidelines Competitive athlete that performs high levels of daily physical activity Chronic smoker BMI below 18.5 or above 29.9 Cardiovascular risk factors to be classified as moderate or high risk Metabolic syndrome factors such as Type II diabetes Head trauma or mental disorders that may affect memory and attention span such as ADHD Not comfortable on a treadmill or bike Not comfortable with a finger prick Indicates on either questionnaire that there could be a pre-existing health condition *Will need a doctor?s release if answers yes to a question on the PAR-Q or considered in the moderate risk category according to ACSM

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: Subjects will be payed $10 after the completion of the first familiarization laboratory visit (approximately 30 minutes), and $45 after the 2nd and 3rd laboratory visits (approximately 90 minutes each) to total $100 for all 3 visits. The 3rd laboratory visit will be paid with the Greenphire Clincard.


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