MRI audio and visual goggles for imaging children

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Study Description: The purpose of this study is to evaluation the use of MRI compatible movie (audio/visual) goggles for children undergoing MRI to help decrease the number of cases at our facility that require sedation or anesthesia. Our goal is to provide an alternative and safe method of imaging children with MRI without the increased risk of complications from sedation and anesthesia, such as breathing and heart problems. Children that are already scheduled to undergo an MRI for clinical care will be offered the opportunity to wear MRI safe goggles which display a movie or television show as if the child were watching a big screen television from 5 feet away. The child may bring his or her favorite DVD from home or choose from a library in the MRI area. With this system, we hope to improve the child's and his or her parents' overall MRI experience.

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Principal Investigator: Yulia Melenevsky

Eligibility Criteria: Children ages 3-17 scheduled for MRI with sedation/anesthesia cases as part of routine clinical care MRI study length should not exceed one hour Children with severe developmental delays or severe mental retardation will be unable to participate Children with severe health problems which are likely to require anesthesia (ASA III or higher status) will be excluded

Compensation: No, subjects will not be compensated.


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