Body Positions

Study Description: We plan to conduct a controlled experiment comparing the ability to defecate artificial stool as well as the anorectal pressure changes between three different body positions.

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Principal Investigator: Satish Rao

Eligibility Criteria: INCLUSION: -constipated or non-constipated healthy volunteers - age 18 and up EXCLUSION: -Pregnancy - Rectal or anal surgery within the last 6 months - Active/Painful hemorrhoids or anal fissures - Those unable to provide consent due to cognitive deficits 1. - Known latex allergy

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: Healthy volunteers and patient/subjects will be compensated $150 for completing the study. If you do not finish the full study, you will be compensated $75 for completing the ARM section. Subjects/volunteers will be compensated by check. Will it cost me anything to take part in the study? All study related treatment, medication, procedures, and study required visits are done at no cost to you. You will be responsible for the costs of transportation to Augusta University for study visits, but there will be no hospital or doctor bills for the study.


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