BAT Cancer at the VA

Study Description: There are two main objectives to the Biomarkers and Therapies for Cancer at the VA (BAT Cancer at the VA) study. The first is to develop new and better ways to detect specific cancer types as early as possible, since in most cases, the key to a cancer patient's survival is finding and identifying the disease as early as possible. The second objective of the study is to develop ways to monitor how well cancer therapies and treatments are working for patients, and to determine the likihood of the cancer recurring, or coming back.

Contact for Enrollment

     (706) 721-3432

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Principal Investigator: Bobbilynn Lee

Eligibility Criteria: Volunteers may qualify for the study if: * They are adults who have been diagnosed at some point in their lives with a form of cancer that is being studied as part of this research project. * Healthy cancer-free adults may also qualify to volunteer to take part in the research as a study control.

Compensation: No, subjects will not be compensated.


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